Monday, August 18, 2008

Why Wear Your Baby?

Let’s face it, a baby is extra weight and there certainly is no perfect way to carry that extra weight. Back in the day, we had what was the hottest carrier, a Baby Bjorn.

Nowadays, mums have plenty of options, including SlingEZee. SlingEZee, say the company reps, prioritizes the comfort and safety of parent and child, how to properly wear any type of sling.

Mark and Rebecca Miller offer their tips and suggestions of how to properly wear a baby.

The SlingEZee owners saw slings being worn improperly. From sizing issues to incorrect placement, they saw mothers and fathers struggle with their slings in the streets, in photos online, and even in magazine articles that are promoting comfortable baby wearing. The Millers understand baby wearing takes time and practice. They aspire to teach parents the importance and benefits of wearing their child near their heart.

Two Common and Basic Problems:

Two general issues turn people away from using a baby sling.

The first is incorrect usage and wear. In wearing a padded sling; make sure the ring is in the correct place. The rings on a sling should be placed between the breast and the shoulder cap. Any other placement will result in discomfort for a parent and child.

The shoulder padding must also be placed correctly, right over the shoulder cap to protect the shoulder from the stress of a baby's weight. Be certain the fabric is spread out properly over the back. If not spread sufficiently the baby's weight distribution causes parent pain.

The Millers believe that many of the available baby slings are just not properly designed, and are therefore, uncomfortable.

Some padded slings appear bulky, yet padding aids comfort for both the parent and the child. Shoulders are protected from strenuous pulling, but unpadded sling edges expose a baby’s sensitive skin to red marks and indentations.

Slings that run narrow across the back, say the Millers, result in improper weight distribution and cause back pain. "One size fits all" slings do not allow for individuation necessary. Proper sizing of a padded ring sling ensures comfort when wearing a sling for long periods of time. SlingEZee is available in five sizes. The Millers favor slings to carry babies over pack-style carriers. The slings, they say, encourage proper development of a child. Pack-style carriers suspend a child, outward, their weight settled from between the babys legs, which the Millers say insufficiently supports the spine and potentially hindering proper physical development. Wearing a child in a sling, they say, positions a with spine support and promotes proper physical development.

Benefits of Baby Wearing for Parent and ChildDiscoDoilies

Wearing a baby in a proper sling snuggles a baby in a cradle hold, safe from unwanted touches, shielded from germs, and in full view of a parent at all times. Baby wearing, they say, decreases a child's cries up to 50 percent. The Millers say more frequent and smaller breast feeding sessions combined with the motion of being worn aids a baby’s digestion. They also claim language development is encouraged by baby wearing. Their rep reports, “Being on the level of adult conversation and interpersonal eye contact is an excellent spot for a child to help enrich his developing mind.”

SlingEZee allows mothers to be quickly responsive to a baby’s needs. Mothers who breastfeed will find the baby in an ideal position to feed, and do so in relative privacy. Retails for $60.