Monday, November 09, 2009

(Above: Mean Irina and her winning design, made from the LA Times)

We couldn’t disagree more. There are plenty of folks to frown at, including one particular contestant who’s made the top three. Yes, we're referring to “Mean Irina” Shabayeva, who hasn’t missed a single opportunity to “diss” her fellow designers, while proclaiming herself “the best.” Declaring yourself the best and the potential winner is nothing new, and we guarantee you that if there was a clip show of all six "Runway" seasons, the montage would feature quite of few of these oft-repeated “quotables.”

At any rate, Irina, nasty as she is (or playing to the camera as she is), she's indisputably a fantastic designer. You have only to recall her coat made from The Los Angeles Times (seen in this post, above). But because she’s so unlikable, her wins don’t elicit much viewer joy. It’s more of a grudging acknowledgment. Still, Irina's last week’s inspired-by-the-Getty dress was dowdy and a yawn. She needs to step up her game for her upcoming collection.

Meanwhile, whereas the previous season’s Kenley Collins (she of the most-recent “cat throwing” news incident) quickly went from show cutie to show whiner in the first few episodes -- it wasn’t until a couple of weeks ago when heretofore middle-of-the-roader Ohio-native Althea Harper revealed her “true colors” (or succumbed to the producers’ prodding for quotable mean-about-your-competitor's dish).

Harper, like Shabayeva, is also one of the top three finalists. Personally, we’re not crazy about any of Harper’s designs, either. To be honest, we can’t remember any of them except her “winning” look which consisted of a very unflattering paper-bag shorts suit.

Thankfully, we have someone to root for, and we bet we’re not alone: Charleston, South Carolina’s Carol Hannah Whitfield, an angelic blonde who loves to design dresses (which are quite divine, by the way) and couldn’t be sweeter.

We imagine that the producers have to push her very hard to get anything remotely not-nice from her. So there you go: Whitfield is a strong designer who really does seem to have a grasp of what the average woman wants to wear, and she happens to be kind.