Monday, November 09, 2009

(Above: Our girl Carol Hannah with her fellow contestant and teeny tiny romantic-interest Logan)

BeansTalk on Project Runway's Final Three

by BeansTalk's Managing Editor

The BeansTalk staff have long been fans of the now-LifetimeTV show, “Project Runway,” in which sixteen designers compete for the chance to show at New York’s highly regarded Bryant Park Fashion Show, win $100,000, and more (we think there's a car, as well as a vacation in the winner's package).

Each week there is a runway show of whatever project assigned to the contestants (who vary from Parsons’ grads to schooled-at-home tailors and seamstresses). Each week, a rotating panel of judges – that always includes “Runway’s” executive producer Heidi Klum – must bid adieu (or in Klum’s case, “auf wiedersien”) to one contestant.

This year’s batch (which is technically last year’s, since the battle between Bravo, Lifetime and the show’s execs pushed it back an entire year – what we’re watching now was actually shot in 2008, with the finale episodes taped at Bryant Park on 20 February of this year) featured a group of comparatively mild-mannered designers.

They were so mild-mannered (especially when compared to previous contestants like Santino, Kenley and Jeffrey Sebelia), that some “Runway” watchers proclaimed the series had “jumped the shark” or simply, ran it’s course.