Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Dryer Cuts Down on Noise

After five years of service, our T3 travel dryer (used regularly, not for travel) gave up, as they say, the ghost.

"It's smoking!" our Chairman of the Board, using it to dry a science project, bemoaned.

"Stop using it, now." the CFO commanded.

By providence or coincidence, a new one arrived at our doorstep that very day, the Centrix Q-Zone Quiet Dryer.

Introduced last July, the the Q-Zone Quiet Dryer has patent-pending Insanely Quiet™ (IQ) technology to dry hair quickly without the usual accompanying loud noise.

Those of you who begin your beauty regime while the rest of the house still slumbers will appreciate the quiet stealthy-ness the Centrix allows you.

The energy-efficient 1500 watt, two-speed motor delivers the drying power of 1875 watts while ionic technology reduces drying time. The company reps liken the dryer to a hybrid car, as the Q-Zone Quiet Dryer offers an environmentally conscious alternative to the norm.

Despite it being a full-size dryer (we were used to the small travel size), The Q-Zone Quiet Dryer features a lightweight, ergonomic design and is suited for right or left-handers. A dual position cool shot button operates both from the handle or barrel grip. The dryer uses ceramic tourmaline which reps assure ensures shiny, healthier-looking hair without robbing moisture. We also really like this: Centrix uses 100-percent recyclable packaging .

Professionals apparently enjoy the facilitation of conversation that the quieter-than-a-usual-blow-dryer delivers, It's "possible to powerfully blast your hair dry without blasting the noise," says Adrian de Berardinis, celeb stylist and NYC salon owner. "The discreet Q-Zone Quiet Dryer won’t disturb the sleeping husband and it does a great job of making our salon more conducive to client conversation."

The Q-Zone Quiet Dryer is available for the suggested retail price of $199.95 and can be ordered at select salons or online at Ulta,