Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Junior Drake Factory Outlet Moves Westside

One of our all-time favorite sales -- far surpassing the Isabella Fiore one -- has been the Junior Drake Factory Sales, out in Los Angeles' industrial nether-regions. Thanks to those sales (we've been to two or three) we have amassed quite a collection of these gorgeous leather bags.

Retail, we could never afford them, but the first sale (a collection of seven years of styles) and a couple of subsequent ones allowed us to buy a bevy of accessories and bags that cost us from $5 to $80 for items that originally retailed for $398. We not only pumped up our personal collection, but we were able to be the bearer of great (if we say so ourselves) gifts!

Forget the low prices -- that should never be incentive enough to buy -- but the low prices combined with the gorgeous quality rendered us big fans! We've written about the sales before, so we've always kept a watch for when they have a sale. We're low on coin these days, but it can be very tempting.

We were lucky when BeansTalk's primary investor treated us to a visit to their new (opened 6 November 2009) 2,400-square foot Santa Monica Factory Outlet Store, located at the corner of Wilshire Blvd. and 7th Street (at one time it was a copy shop, if we recall correctly).

While the deals were very good -- a large metallic wallet currently selling on Amazon.com, retailing at $129, was only $60 -- they didn't quite reach the epic, swoon-inducing prices of their former sales.

Still, it was a much easier drive for us, and we managed to walk away with two incredible deals. Both were from the clearance section.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, they were offering bags from the CURRENT collection for 50% off! The rest of the store was 20% off and that's the deal we got on our already rock-bottom priced bags. We'll post the photos of our specific bags later (we got one gorgeous purple handbag for $39.99 (minus 20%) and one massive, overnight-sized stunner for $59.99 (minus 20%). Boy, we were glad our investor ponied up the coin for us.

We're delighted with the deals! The store is randomly, but very, very neatly laid out, the sales staff are accessible and friendly and there are styles to suit just about any kind of handbag-carrier. Image above is from the new store.

Deals are an astonishing (and REAL -- we can vouch for it -- this is not a loss leader sitch) and up to 80% off!

Junior Drake Factory Outlet Store 700 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90401 (at the southwest corner of 7th Street and Wilshire Blvd. -- look for the large beige awning) Open 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

About Junior Drake (from a release):

The Junior Drake House of Design The Junior Drake collection of quality leather handbags caters to the fashion forward woman. The classy but edgy style of Junior Drake handbags attracts women of all ages who are confident in their own style, strive to make a statement, and exude a distinctive personality. The Junior Drake design team has developed a reputation for conceiving fresh design concepts that offer couture style and affordable quality. A Junior Drake handbag can be distinguished not only by the soft Italian leather, quality craftsmanship, detailed hardware and handcrafted flourishes, but also by its unique source of inspiration:
Junior Drake.

"Remember! It's not the bag, it's the girl!"