Friday, May 28, 2010

Hands Free Handbags

From the time we started carrying pocketbooks (purses, handbags) we almost always carried what are now most commonly known as "cross-body" bags. Featuring long straps, they rest on one shoulder and lay on or above your hip.

Whats great about a crossbody bag is that you're hands-free, you're not having to hold-on to your purse while you shop or run errands. Even if you carry a short-strap shoulder bag, you still have to hold it close to your body -- and it's not entirely secure. When you're out-and-about, walking, taking public transportation, on vacation, a handle bag and one like the aforementioned ones are far easily snatched.

Anyone who reads BeansTalk Biz knows we rock a purse. Isabella Fiore, Junior Drake, The Sak, Fendi, Donald Pliner, Elliot Lucca, Dooney & Bourke, etc. We've gone through phases where we prefer one line to the other, but always keep to a base staple -- we prefer leather pocketbooks, but will also carry quality canvas/fabric (of the LeSportsac and Kipling variety).

We were surprised to find that while there are many vinyl (yuck) crossbody bags to be found, there aren't many current style that suit our criterion. There are plenty of mini and small crossbody bags and there are many large-scale heavy bags that feature an attachable/detachable long strap. However, there's not a lot of medium 11"-inch to 13"-inch bags that are suitable to carry what we need during the day (we like our matching inside-the-bag cases, as you know).

At any rate, here's a glimpse of some of the current crop of bags we like right now...(they're summer ideal, especially since you're more likely to be out-and-about in the nice weather). All of these come in other colors -- ranging from the brightest to more sedate.

(The All You Need bag above was a popular purse sold at Nordstrom -- we found ours, in navy, at the Nordstrom Rack for $99, marked down from its original price of $398 -- great bag, beautiful leather, nicely lined, too.)