Monday, May 24, 2010

She Plays Hockey
She Really Does

by Beth Zerilli
BeansTalk Canadian Correspondent

The fact that hockey is more popular in Canada than ever may not surprise you. But, what you might not expect is the increasing interest in girls’ hockey. In the U.S and Canada, more and more girls are taking the ice by storm. And as a result, two savvy Canadian hockey playing moms have designed a fun and functional sports wear line to celebrate.

Founded in Toronto in 2005, She Plays Hockey offers a feminine approach to a traditionally masculine sport. “We were tired of not being able to find clothing that represented the sport for girls," says Lori Nickerson co-founder of She Plays Hockey. "Sure, there were girls hockey shirts out there, but printed on men’s clothing and most of time the sayings were a bit vulgar.”

So with sayings like “Sugar and Spice, but Not On The Ice” and “You Only Wish You Could Play Like a Girl”, She Plays Hockey is taking girl power to a new level.

Made in Canada, She Plays Hockey offers a wide range of T-shirts, sweatpants, hats, bags and accessories. Cindy Nickerson, co-founder of She Plays Hockey boasts, “Our clothing comes in a variety of colors that will appeal to the princess or the tomboy in your family.”

She Plays Hockey is currently sold in the U.S by shopping online at