Friday, August 26, 2011

Designer Plange + 
Manolo Blahnik

Mimi Plange has partnered with one of the world’s most legendary fashion brands, Manolo Blahnik for her Spring Summer 2012 collection.  The floral and Eastern inspired collection is globally infused with references to the Himba and Herero women of present day Namibia.

Plange says, “I wanted to take the Eastern floral of Spring, the traditional dress of the Himba, the Victorian dress of the Herero, and blend them together into something modern, soft and strong.  The shoes are reflective of that spirit-modern shapes and heels grounded with traditional beading and patterns.  It has been wonderful to see the inspiration showcased with the beauty of a Manolo Blahnik shoe and I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to be able to collaborate with the brand.”

The exclusive shoe collection will debut at her Spring 2012 presentation in September, during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.  Manolo Blahnik for Mimi Plange consists of two shoes, one demure soft pastel blue sandal, and a beautiful floral beaded bootie.