Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Special at Luxury Bliss 
Spa in L.A., Hollywood

For Her: The beauty experts at Bliss know that soft, supple, fuzz-free skin is a must – not just during the summer months, when weekends are filled with beach trips and rooftop tanning, but year-round. An established leader in fuss-free preening, they’re famous for their “tongue-in-chic” approach to beauty and wellness. Their products look good. Smell good. Feel good. And their facials, massages and manicures are fit for a queen. You’ll see why these bustling spas are the talk of the town when you visit for treatments like the Hot Milk and Almond Pedicure, a luxurious sixty-minute session that will leave your feet clamoring for peep-toes. You’ll love the Rapid Rub, too: it promises a half-hour of undivided attention to the area that’s ailing you most.
Fabulips Treatment - $25 (30% off)
Brazilian Bikini Wax - $49 (30% off)
Fabulous Feet Pedicure + Manicure - $56 (30% off)
Blissage75 - $105 (30% off)
Taste of Bliss - $105 (30% off)
Triple Oxygen Facial - $112 (30% off)
The Youth As We Know It Facial - $130 (30% off)
Best of Bliss - $280 (30% off)

For Him: Never thought you were the spa type? We’re about to change your mind. After all, well-groomed guys are sexy – and when it comes to the facials, massages and waxing treatments that put the “man” in manly, there’s no place that does it better than Bliss. Gilt City guys will see what homme improvement is all about when they visit this bustling spa for treatments like Blissage75, a head-to-toe rub-down that focuses on the muscles that are ailing you most. It’s the perfect way to wind down after an intense workout, and it concludes with a  warm-wax foot wrap that’ll have you waving goodbye to pesky calluses. And since fuzz-free is the way to be- yes, even as summer comes to an end – we think you’ll love these chest and back waxes, too. They’re essential for any spiffed-up dude.
Basic Brief He-Wax - $25 (30% off)
Back He-Wax - $46 (30% off)
Ultimate He-Wax - $84 (30% off)
Blissage75 - $105 (30% off)
Homme Improvement - $112 (30% off)
Three-Piece Birthday Suit - $168 (30% off)

Bliss Spa Hollywood
www.blissworld.com - 6250 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood - (877) 862-5477
Bliss Spa Los Angeles
www.blissworld.com - 930 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles - (877) 862-5477