Monday, January 23, 2012

Chakra's Quarter Century of Fashion

Georges Chakra showcased his Couture Spring Summer 2012 collection at Biel, Beirut:  a journey back to the roots to mark the celebration of his 25 years in fashion.

A collection of 40 dresses were displayed at the entrance of the Pavilion. Each of the dresses signified a sentimental connotation to Chakra: some were made of unique fabrics, others had been displayed in museums around the world and other dresses were worn on the red carpet.

The night commenced with a retrospective movie of Chakra's 25-year fashion journey. A fashion show featuring the Spring Summer 2012 Couture collection followed.

Chakra's inspiration for 2012 were Monet's paintings and this season's runway were dresses demonstrated the spirit of impressionism and romanticism, coupled with constructed tulle flowers. The structural cuts and architectural forms, the fashion house’s signature look, were key elements. The color palette varied in light pastel hues – powder pink, beau blue, tea green, sunflower yellow… and a burst of cotton white.

Chakra gave a speech, thanked his team of 100, noting employees who have worked for him throughout his quarter-century career. A silver platter was presented to Chakra, and the event concluded with a cocktail party.