Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lyon Jewelry's New 
Collection Launch
by Kari Marquart
BeansTalk Special Correspondent

Recently, LYON fine jewelry celebrated the launch of their 2012 Collection and Lauren Russell’s Equality Bracelet with recording artists, TV personalities and entertainment industry executives at Freak Chic and Tuff Sissy in West Hollywood.

When first walking into Tuff Sissy you hear the 80’s dance beats by Becka Diamond flooding the room. Then you notice the abstract and colorful art that lines the walls giving the party a personality of it’s own, which mimics the personality of LYON Fine Jewelry’s new innovative collection.
Marquart and her sister with the equality symbol

LYON Fine Jewelry’s 2012 collection features simple yet cutting edge pieces that are influenced by CEO Lauren Russell’s everyday life.

“My inspiration really comes from stuff I wear, leather jackets, boots, any sort of clothing item that I feel like needs that extra oomph,” Russell said. “And really making something that’s wearable but super edgy.”

The 2012 collection also includes four different Equality Bracelets, which two models flaunted at the party.

 The Equality Bracelets team up with the organization Friendfactor by giving 20% of the bracelet’s proceeds to help stop the inequalities that gay people face in employment, housing and marriage.  The bracelets are each named after a city that has been crucial in the gay rights movement.
Equality tattoo that many guests received at the event to show their support for gay rights.

Jonathan-Matthew Najm getting an equality tattoo at Freak Chic during the party.
“I like the whole idea behind them [Friendfactor] because it’s straight people helping out their gay friends and I think that speaks volumes rather than a gay person fighting for gay rights,” Russell said. “It’s more of a statement.”

Celebrities such as Adam Lambert, Jason Mraz, Allison Janney, Sarah Michelle Gellar and many more have been seen sporting the Equality Bracelets.

While walking around Tuff Sissy guests were offered custom cocktails by DAMA Tequila, refreshments by Smart Water, energy drinks by Vuka, “Equality Cake Pops” by Cake Pops LA, gourmet chocolates by Bootleg Chocolates and snacks courtesy of Sabra grab n go Hummus and Popchips.

Guests were also provided with mini-makeovers by the Sue Devitt beauty team to glamorize and spice up their normal look for the evening. Guests were then able to check out their new appearance in the Vanity Girl Hollywood’s custom black vanity mirror. Cecilia Zuniga and Jamie Ozimek, guests at the party, said that their favorite part of the event were the makeovers.

When walking into the adjoining store Freak Chic the mood, oddly enough, becomes a bit more relaxed as people spend their time getting piercings and tattoos from renowned tattoo artists.

Russell, Mollie Thomas (the first openly gay woman to run for the Miss California crown) and others showed their support for the Equality movement by getting equal sign tattoos at Freak Chic during the party.

 “I want to be inspirational,” Jonathan-Matthew Najm, one of the many to show his support by getting an Equality tattoo at the party said. “I want everyone to respect love.”
Member of Sue Devitt beauty team gives guest a new edge to her look with eyeliner.