Friday, September 14, 2012

Louis Mandylor Writes and Directs Film

Jack Newman is about to make history!   After losing his eyesight at eight years old; now at 42 he has the chance to get his eyesight back.  He is the first patient of an experimental eye surgery and receives the eyes of a deceased person who had 20/20 vision. There is only one downside; the eye donor was a death row serial killer.  Once he regains sight he is haunted by nightmares and a new reality – he is about to finish the job the killer left behind.  IN THE EYES OF A KILLER makes its DVD debut September 25 from Monarch Home Entertainment.

Jack lectures at the local University, is preparing for a new life with his fiancée, Gwen, and has finally adapted to the challenges of a sudden accident that left him blind several years ago.  As Jack begins to lose the battle being raged in his mind, Gwen uncovers some startling information and is faced with the most difficult choice of her life. Which will prevail...true love or the primal instinct to survive? The startling conclusion will leave viewers stunned in this moody, psychological thriller.

Directed by and starring Louis Mandylor (“The Quest,” “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” “The Pledge”) IN THE EYES OF A KILLER co-stars, Gwendolyn Edwards (“The Last Confederate,” “Groupie”), Costas Mandylor (“Saw” franchise, “Picket Fences”) and James Marshall (“A Few Good Men,” “Gladiator,” “Twin Peaks”).

Genre:             Thriller/Mystery                                               Cat. #: MHV 7878
MPAA Rating: Not Rated                                                        SRP: $24.95
Running Time: 100 mins.                                                         Street Date: 09/25/12