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PBS' Market Warriors Returns

 Market Warriors Returns

PBS’ Market Warriors returns on Monday, 7 Jan. 2013, with a new expert and new premieres. These will be airing as part of a back-to-back antique-themed block on Monday nights, alongside Antiques Roadshow (both are produced by the same team and share the same host, Mark L. Walberg). The new episodes of this popular, treasure-hunting series will feature a new competitor, Auctioneer Bene Raia.

Links to watch episodes (both require PBS pressroom registration):
EPISODE 1 - January 7 (Antiquing in Walnut, IA):
EPISODE 2 - January 14 (Antiquing in Chicago):

Market Warriors returns with new episodes in the new year, beginning Monday, January 7, 2013 at 9/8C PM on PBS New picker Benedicta “Bene” Raia joins popular series

On Monday, January 7 viewers will be treated to a double dose of antiques when brand new episodes of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW and Market Warriors premiere. Market Warriors will start off the new year with the first of nine new episodes. In a game of finding the best antiques at the best price before time runs out, the pickers will be faced with some of their fiercest competition yet when a new competitor is added to the mix. Market Warriors (9/8C) follows ANTIQUES ROADSHOW (8/7C), making Monday nights a true destination for all things antiques and collectibles.

Benedicta “Bene” Raia will be introduced to viewers on Monday, January 7, 2013 in an episode filmed at Iowa’s Walnut Antique Show. Her competitive advantage? As an auctioneer she knows her margins. Bene is a generalist with specific interests in furniture and American folk art, and her core specialty is antique dolls. This mom of four has enjoyed a multifaceted career in antiques and architecture with a focus on the Massachusetts-based auction company she runs with her husband. In her more than 15 years in the business, she has sold at auction highly coveted items belonging to many serious collectors. Bene joins a rotating cast that includes Kevin Bruneau, John Bruno, Miller Gaffney and Bob Richter. Each episode of Market Warriors will feature four pickers.

According to series executive producer Marsha Bemko, “Bene brings to Market Warriors the insights, instincts and true market knowledge of an auctioneer. In her professional life, she sees thousands of antiques and collectibles go through her auction house in any given month and knows the crucial hammer prices that make up the marketplace. It’s a perspective that we wanted to highlight in 2013.”

From the producers of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW—PBS’s most-watched prime-time series—Market Warriors follows antiques pickers on a nationwide treasure hunt, scouring flea markets for antiques and vintage valuables with an eye toward selling their finds for profit at auction. Over the course of nine new, one-hour episodes, viewers will enjoy an up-close look at the fierce competition and obstacles the pickers face in the marketplace each week, as they make their best guesses about who will come out ahead at the end of each episode. Showcasing what different areas of the country have to offer the intrepid antique hunter, the 2013 episodes were filmed at flea markets across the country including Walnut, IA, Long Beach, CA, Chantilly, VA, and Liberty, NC.
Walnut, IA

Market Warriors on PBS 2013 episodes (in airdate order): 
Walnut, IA: January 7 
Chicago, IL: January 14 
New Milford, CT: January 21
Long Beach, CA: February 4 
Chantilly, VA: February 11 
Greenwich, NY: February 18 
Oronoco, MN: February 25 
Rochester, MN: April 8 
Liberty, NC: April 15

About Market Warriors on PBS

In each episode, four pickers travel to different market locations across the country to purchase certain items with a set amount of money. Viewers not only will learn about different objects and their history; they’ll also see the competitors apply their knowledge and skills to real financial transactions. Along the way, we will get to know our pickers, learn about what they bought and why through individual interviews, and discover the current value of the objects as only the marketplace can determine.

The sale of our pickers’ items takes place at an auction on a different day, in a different location. All four competitors watch the auctioneer take charge of the bidding, and the picker whose objects earn the highest total profit at auction is the winner of that episode. The new treasure-hunting series, which launched on PBS in July 2012, reaches 3.5 million viewers every week.

As off-screen host of Market Warriors, Mark L. Walberg provides sharp and informative off-camera commentary. He not only anchors the viewer in the competition but we learn from him the techniques, strategies and sometimes the foibles of the series’ pickers.

Market Warriors website –

The Market Warriors website on is the online platform for engaging and informing Market Warriors fans. The site highlights the broadcast, streaming full episodes and offering tune-in details and episode information. The Web destination, found at, extends and enhances the broadcast experience through Web-exclusive videos and profiles of the series’ expert pickers. The Market Warriors blog provides the latest behind-the-scenes news from the series along with articles about featured objects from the episodes and insights and tips from the pickers and other experts from the world of antiques and flea markets. The site’s Scoreboard feature further encourages audience participation by tracking each picker’s season-long successes and failures. Market Warriors Web content is available via social media channels, and fans can contribute to conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and share their own favorite flea market finds on the series’ website.