Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Looks Like....

Jonah Bobo of "Crazy. Stupid. Love."

Michael d'Addario of "People Like Us"

It's Not the Same Kid

Nearly every actor profiled on IMBD has the following post "Looks like..." on his/her message board. We are often noting how someone reminds us of another actor, but we've rarely been in the situation where we're watching a movie and assume, and say out loud, "Oh, look who it is..." We completely thought that the young boy in the Elizabeth Banks/Chris Banks film, "People Like Us," was the same actor who played Robbie in "Crazy. Stupid. Love." But he's not! We wondered if "People's" released was delayed because he seemed so much younger. At any rate, it's not just looks with these two young actors, there's something about the way they speak, their acting style that is similar.