Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Rush to Brush

Love Your Locks With This Brush

We have to admit we were a little skeptical -- we've had long hair for pretty much our entire lives (and it's been a long one) and we feel like we've tried every kind of hairbrush. Sure, for natural bristles, you can't beat the almost heirloom quality of a Mason Pearson brush.

But we were more than a little pleasantly surprised when we started using Cricket's Static-Free Comfort Fast-Flo Brush. It makes a significant difference in brushing and drying our hair and we wanted to pass the good news onto you. Even better news? It's insanely affordable -- $8.95 for the Fast-Flo and $5.95 for the Mini Fast-Flo. You can even find them cheaper on Amazon and other online shops.

For a look at the complete Cricket line:

The Fast-Flo Brushes also come in sets of four, and like this one, a set of six.