Friday, May 10, 2013

The Best Shows You're Not Watching

What to Watch

BeansTalk takes the trouble out of wha-to-watch when you're scrolling the massive library that is Netflix. Unlike watching TV series On Demand, you can watch these shows on Netflix, commercial free (we'll tell you right here, we watched "Top of the Lake" on Sundance and it's incomparable what kind of difference HD and no interruptions make).

Here are two shows we recommend:

Top of the Lake
Jane Campion's absolutely amazing Sundance series, "Top of the Lake." It may be one of the best things ever aired on TV -- it's certainly one of the best produced for television. It is beautifully shot in New Zealand, layers story upon story, is perplexingly frightening and compelling and stunning to watch. "Mad Men's" Elisabeth Moss plays Robin, an Aussie detective who's returned to her hometown to spend time with her dying mother. During the visit, a precocious and pregnant 12-year-old goes missing and Robin's engaged to help find her. The relationships are startling an the story will keep you guessing; it may make you both gasp and cry, but you will be enthralled you had the experience, which stays with you long after the last scene airs.

There are more reasons to watch BBC America's "Copper" than the fact that it's from Tom Fontana and you miss "Deadwood." This is a far more intimate (i.e. lower budget) than the ill-fated HBO series, and while the cast isn't nearly as experienced as the "Deadwood's" (Anastasia Griffth is truly awful), it's still a very gritty and engaging story. The leads -- younger than the talent were in the Martin Scorsese production -- are easy-on-the-eyes, too, which doesn't hurt. We started to watch this series when "Ripper" ended for the season, so we were in the mood for it, and it didn't disappoint. It's both violent and disturbing, but addictive and nuanced.