Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Day In Candy Land
The Sweet Suite to benefit 
the Juvenile Arthritis Association 
by Alessandra Incandela
Contributor, BeansTalk

The Organic Candy Factory had yummy treats for partygoers  (Photo by Karen Ray)

Some of Hollywood’s hottest stars joined Trueheart Events, famed pop artist Cassian and fashion brand iiJin in co-hosting the Sweet Suite to benefit the Juvenile Arthritis Association at Avalon Hollywood.

Patients and their families enjoyed a day of sweets, treats and activities in a Candy Land themed party. The Juvenile Arthritis organization is a nonprofit whose mission is to bring community awareness, research and empowerment to children and young adults diagnosed with the disease.

Blogger and actress, Alli Simpson says it’s a privilege to be apart of this event and help raise awareness.

“Events like this definitely make huge differences for the charity and for the kids.  It’s a good time for everyone,” Simpson says.

  Partygoers snacked on ice cream from Bonavenutre Gelato Lounge, grilled cheeses from the Grilled Cheese Truck, candy from the Organic Candy Factory and drinks from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

There was also a cupcake decorating station, a chocolate fountain and a jewelry bar, hosted by Chirp Brand, where guests could design their own necklaces and bracelets.

Delicious cupcakes from Goody Girl Cupcakes (Photo by John Tobin)

“The kids definitely need a chance to just have fun and escape from what they are feeling. It’s nice to have fun and relax in Candy Land with them,” says actress Tara- Nicole Azarian.

DJ Kid Fish kept the crowd dancing with a special set led by Los Angeles Magazine’s #1 Children’s entertainer Groovy David. Guests also watched a special performance by rhythmic juggling beat boxer, Bronkar Lee.

  Lee says he appreciates giving back to the community and hopes to inspire children as well as adults.

“The kids need to experience things like this because it puts them in the light and shows that people actually care,” he says.

An estimated 1 in 250 children are affected by juvenile arthritis, yet they only receive a tiny fraction of the funding.
Candy Land Photo Fun (Photo by Karen Ray)

“As someone who is in the media I think it’s almost a moral imperative and at the same time an honor to help kids and help people,” says actress Chuti Tiu, who stars in this summer’s movie The Internship.

  Partner at Trueheart Events, Amy Malin says she is so excited to “create a magical and yummy day for the beautiful and deserving children the organization serves.”

Well done iiJin, Cassian, and Trueheart events, a day in Candy Land was a sweet success!