Thursday, September 05, 2013

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The Sanctuary Coven Garden

Surprising Stats on the Body Beautiful

According to research published by the Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden mid-thirties is the age that women are the happiest in the nude.

The premier beauty brand surveyed over 1,200 women on their ‘naked habits’ to share some revealing feedback…

·         40% of women look at themselves naked every day – an equivalent of 8 million women a day
·         25% of women sneak a peek at themselves in the nude at least once a week
·         30% of women are most proud of their breasts and aren’t afraid to show them off
·         49% of women opted for bikinis over one-pieces when hitting the beach this summer
·         50% of women voted 49-year-old Elle Macpherson for best bikini body and 44-year-old Jennifer Aniston for best arms

The Naked Truth: 34 is the age that women are the happiest in the nude
40% of British women look at themselves naked every day, 25% look once a week
16% of British women have never seen themselves naked
Flaunting it: 30% of British ladies love their boobs and aren’t afraid to show them off
Majority of British women want Holly Willoughby’s killer curves
Elle Macpherson has the best bikini body according to 50% of Brits
All British women about to turn 34 are due for a pleasant birthday surprise, according to new research by the Sanctuary Spa; 34 year old ladies feel the happiest when naked. Good news for Kelly Brook, Caroline Flack, Donna Air and Kate Hudson who are 34 or due to celebrate their 34th birthday this year.

The research disproves the notion that Brits are a prude nation, 40 percent of women admitted to looking at themselves naked in the mirror every day, the equivalent of 8 million women a day. A further 25 percent sneak a peek at least once a week and just 16 percent of British women revealed that they have never seen themselves naked.

The research into women’s naked habits was commissioned by Sanctuary Spa. When asked their favorite part of their body, 30 percent of ladies are proud of their boobs, citing their boobs as the body part they most like to flaunt. This is closely followed by legs (22 percent) and shoulders (19 percent).

When asked what part of their body women would most like to change, the majority (57 percent) answered their stomach. Yet as we hit the peak of beach season, British women are in somewhat of a quandary as to whether they pack a two piece; 49 percent of British women will be wearing a bikini on holiday this summer.

Social media is playing a large part in women’s decision making process; 65 percent of women won’t wear a bikini on holiday for fear of photos of them appearing on Facebook. Just 10 percent of women say they aren’t confident enough to wear a bikini on the beach this summer.

When it comes to Brits’ bikini idols, over-40 Elle Macpherson cemented her Top Model credentials by securing the most votes (50 percent) in the Best Bikini Body category.

Kylie Minogue topped the poll for Best Beach Bum (43 percent), closely followed by Jennifer Lopez (32 percent) and Carol Vorderman (8 percent).

When it comes to killer curves, British is definitely best with women citing Holly Willoughby (48 percent), Catherine Zeta Jones (22 percent) and Nigella Lawson (17 percent) as the curvy bodies they most envy.  

Topping the poll for Best Arms was yoga devotee Jennifer Aniston (47 percent) and former ballerina and Strictly Come Dancing judge Darcey Bussell (25 percent).  Darcey’s ballerina-sculpted legs are also envied by 16 percent of British women, second only to Cameron Diaz whose athletic legs are coveted by 35 percent of Brits.

Darcey Bussell, ambassador for Sanctuary Spa, comments: “For me body confidence is all about being healthy, strong and happy in my own skin. I also think that good posture improves confidence and can take years off your appearance. Always pull out of your waist to create space between your hips and ribs, this improves core strength and helps you to look and feel more confident in your own skin. When my skin looks and feels healthy I also feel better showing it off.”

Research undertaken by Sanctuary Spa on 1,230 women in August 2013.
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