Friday, September 20, 2013

We are IN LOVE

blockheads, in the heart of West L.A.'s Little Tokyo

Bonkers for blockheads

Ever since we actually sampled the goods at West Los Angeles' trendy blockheads shavery co. we absolutely cannot get enough. We're embarrassed to say there have been visits five days in a row, perhaps a missed day, and then we returned for another three in a row.

If you live in Los Angeles, and you haven't had the opportunity to try this amazing concoction, you must do so, like as soon as you can (although it's really best to avoid evenings and especially weekend evenings because the line-ups are nuts and since each dish is custom and made-to-order, it's not the fasted production line).

Originating in Taiwan, snow cream is a variation on shaved ice (most associated with Hawaiian Shaved Ice; think Snow Cone). Snow Cream or Snow Fluff start out as large round blocks of frozen goodness, placed in a specially designed shaving machine from which comes the delightful cloud-like delight.

Blockheads' flavors include original (our favorite, which is a sweet milk), Green Tea, Black Sesame and Strawberry. Right now, their special flavor is Taro.

There are three steps to ordering: 1. Choose the size (regular or large) and flavor 2. Choose toppings (these range from fresh fruits, to more exotic offerings like grass and almond jelly, familiar Asian sweet treats like honey boba and mochi, and our favorite, homemade rice cakes (which aren't what you may imagine, if you're picturing Quaker Oats minis and regulars; they're actually round balls made from sweet rice flour -- we ADORE them). 3. The final step is the topping, the drizzle (a sweet sauce) -- choose from condensed milk, carmel, chocolate, strawberry and coconut puree.

It is utterly addictive and wonderful.

This is the eat-in large size -- green tea snow cream with the aforementioned rice cakes, red beans and condensed milk drizzle.

Here's the original flavor with mochi (the little white things), rice cakes (the larger white balls), fresh strawberries and strawberry drizzle.
Here's a pre-topped Black Sesame flavored regular to-go sized snow cream.
This is the type of shaver they use at blockheads
These are what the frozen blocks of flavored ice look like before they're put into the machines (seen above). However, none of the snow cream flavors at blockheads are any of these colors.