Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Beyonce, Multi-Tasker : It may seem like she’s encroaching on J-Lo’s crown and territory rather quickly, and now, she’s offering competition in areas other than movies and music. Beyoncé has launched her own clothing line. Tina Knowles has long been acknowledged as her daughter’s stylist and now.

She says: “My mother and I share a love of fashion and style, and with this brand we're going to be able to share our vision of what is truly beautiful. Our line will consist of fashions that I enjoy wearing and I want them to be appealing to my fans as well. It is a real pleasure to team up with the very successful Rabin family and I feel that together we will be able to create something really special.”

Feel the Force It’s not the Sandra Bullock/Ben Affleck film, so National Geographic’s “Forces of Nature” looks exciting. The film, narrated by the silky voice of Kevin Bacon, follows three scientists who brave nature's forces, studying the real-life events from a “living laboratory” (on a volcano, along a notorious fault line, in the path of oncoming tornadoes) with the aim to improve odds of surviving these terrifying events.

The Imax film, which opens wide on June 1, 2004, was just awarded the "Best of the Festival" top honor at the industry unveiling at the Large Format Cinema Association (LFCA) conference in Los Angeles.

Fashion Facts: Taryn Manning was at the Playstation event in her now trademark Fedora (in a pretty springy antique white).
Pale yellow in ‘60s styling, as worn by Nicole Richie at Playstation and Andrea Robinson at L.A.’s "The Lion In Winter" screening, may become the hot color.
Amber Tamblyn was at Playstation wearing her own trademark look, a full ruffled skirt (which she likes to pirouette for the cameras in).
That had to be pleather that Alicia (Peta Advocate) Silverstone was wearing at Playstation. The fitted patterned black pants looked hot, literally and figuratively.
Tan, tan, tan. Bronzing (which we’ll assume is achieved through the safe non-UV way) is in full bloom with Eliza Dushku, Richie, Tara Reid and Larissa Meeks all looking warm and glowy.

Custom Candles: Our favorite candles have got to be E’rgo candles (even though we don’t like having something in common with Catherine Zeta Jones, who adores them). Now, E’rgo has given customers a choice to leave the label on, showing off the name of the candle fragrancing their home, or, peel it off, letting the fragrance say it all as it permeates the room. Er’go Candle is replacing its screen-printed labels with vinyl labels consumers can peel off easily. Er’go Candle is known for their magnificent fragrances and all-natural soy wax formulas.

Here’s some reasoning from the company: "A fragranced candle is meant for burning, and if the container is too pretty, people tend not to burn them,” says Jimmy Belasco, founder of the Dallas-based Er’go, and the nose behind every new fragrance. “We specially blend our scents to enhance indoor air quality and infuse the user with an energetic response from their olfactory senses.”

World Weary: The one-hour special, THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN REPORTING: THE OTHER SIDE OF OUTSOURCING, takes an in-depth look at how the current migration of jobs overseas -- particularly knowledge-based jobs to India -- is affecting people, businesses and governments. The documentary with Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman, airs on Discovery Thursday, June 3, 2004 at 10 p.m.

Wilson’s World:Doug Wilson designer on TLC’s TRADING SPACES, will now host two new series on TLC, AMERICA’S UGLIEST and MOVING UP.

Dream Catchers: Can you believe it’s been 15 years since “Field of Dreams” premiered? The film will have a special DVD release by Universal, with a party on June 2, 2004.

Dating, Hollywood Style: Busy actor Ethan Embry was out yesterday holding hands with Sunny Mabrey (“The New Guy”) at the Playstation 2 Offers A Passage Into "The Underworld" - Red Carpet held at the Blecsco Theater. You may or may not recall that Embry (who turns 26 in June) was divorced a couple of years ago from actress Amelinda Smith. The couple have a son, Cogeian, who’s 3 ½. Alabama-born Mabrey was once engaged to actor Clayne Crawford (“Swimfan”). Prior to her role in “Guy,” Mabrey’s claim to fame was as one of the naked bodies in the background of Ricki Martin's cover of Rolling Stone in 1999. This is a "Love Chain" waiting in the wings.