Friday, May 21, 2004

Style Stuff :
Terri Colombino, who plays Katie Peretti on As the World Turns, will wear a silk chiffon dress from A Pea in the Pod for the 31st Annual Daytime Emmy Awards taking place in New York tonight. She chose a fuschia ombre silk chiffon cascade strapless dress.

Charlize Theron chose to wear Lanvin to The Life & Death of Peter Sellers photocall at the Cannes Film Festival today. Lanvin's violet silk dress held across the front with a hook and eye suggesting a sun-effect draping. She then selected another look from Lanvin for the Grand Palais premiere of The Life & Death of Peter Sellers, wearing Lanvin's black silk satin sheath dress with aged "diamond" necklace embroidery as she participated in the montees des marches - the climbing of the steps.

Juliette Lewis seemed to be channeling a late season episode of “Miami Vice” last night at 13th Annual Music Video Production Association Awards at the Orpheum Theater in Los Angeles – she chose a cotton blend baby blue button up shirt (unbuttoned, natch) with a bright white sportcoat-cut jacket, collar up, of course. Her black stirrup pants were another 80s reminder, as were her bright white pointy toed pumps.

At that same event, Lacey Chabert (forever in many minds as Claudia of “Party of Five,” now of “Mean Girls” as one of the eponymous ones), was looking very grown up and pretty in a red silk chiffon dress, with stiletto silk fire-engine red sandals to match. She also carried a little clutch. Her makeup was glamorous, but tasteful and she chose chandelier style earrings.

Also at the MVPA Awards, Christina Aguilera went for the 60s starlet look, complete with curly blonde hair, and strategically placed mole.

Patricia Arquette loves those white tights paired with white pumps – remember we mentioned them a few days ago? She was wearing them with a cream silk damask dress this time (carrying a silk evening purse), at Southern California Counseling Center's 38th Annual City Lights Gala at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills. She came with sister Rosanna who was dressed in a simple black dress, black heels and hose, with a beige suede sports coat. Ever a classic, she carried the traditional Gucci purse with bamboo handles. (The whole Arquette family was there, include David and Alexis, and believe it or not, the latter was actually dressed like a man.)

Fox’s Upfronts in New York brought out lots of fashion favorites, including Mischa Barton in a taupe silk chiffon droplet of a dress, looking as elegantly model pretty as ever. Paula Abdul chose hot pink floral sandals and Rachel Bilson chose a very mature orange red ankle-length dress with bright white pumps (are we detecting a trend here?). Her series may not be coming back, but “Tru Calling” star Eliza Dushku looked lovely in her new haircut (it’s a little “Charlie’s Angels” – kinda Farrah feathered). Who is Yoanna House and why doesn’t she eat (she’s frighteningly thin)? Amy Yasbeck was a vision in violet, a pretty contrast to her red hair.

Neiman Knows: Neiman Marcus is touting some fashion trends we’ve discussed here on the BeansTalk Newsletter. Here’s what they say is in: novelty Ts (like the ubiquitous Teenage Millionaire “Jesus is My Homeboy” shirts, and others), strapless, halter and sheath dresses, slip dresses, feminine prints, as well as black & white. Skirts and crop pants are still hot (that’s great about the latter – which are flattering and ideal for summer).

Lollapalooza : Danger Mouse has been officially added to the Lollapalooza lineup which includes Morrissey, the Flaming Lips, the Pixies, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey, Le Tigre, Modest Mouse, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Von Bondies, The Walkmen, Datsuns, Sparta, String Cheese Incident, and Polyphonic Spree amongst many others. Lollapalooza begins July 14th in Auburn, Washington.

Still Celibate?: Today, the Catholic Church is in the throes of a crisis, with priests linked to cases of child sexual abuse worldwide. Could there be a link between these scandals and the enforced abstinence of Catholicism – the only major religion to mandate celibacy among its clergy? Exploring the socio-religious roots of celibacy around the globe, “Celibacy” provides new insights into the current controversy, featuring interviews with current and former celibates of the Catholic, Buddhist and Hindu faiths, as well as historians, scientists, psychologists and others, when it debuts Monday, June 28, 2004 at 10 p.m. on HBO. The America Undercover documentary is directed by Antony Thomas.

For Chocoholics and Then Some: Our friend Rachael Kelley tells about some of her faves: Pookie’s ColorBalm in Chocolate ($9) sophisticated and shiny, chocolate brown slick of color that’s jammed with all-natural moisturizers, and
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Essencia’s White Chocolate with Almonds Exfoliating
Soap ($8): A candy bar that actually helps your
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Er’go Candle’s Chocolat ($30): Fragranced with
over 100 different fragrance oils, Chocolat is a
decadent, whipped dark chocolate mocha fragrance that
infuses real Cocoa Bean Oil with the keynotes of
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And finally, for those who live in NYC, though it’s the opposite of a candy treat, Sea Change Healing Center in Manhattan offers a
wonderful 3-week diet detox program that helps rid
your body of allergens and toxins, and kick-starts
your inner wellness. It’s not a fast, rather, it’s
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health. Sea Change suggests completing a detox
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in the fall.

Cute Couple: Here’s a good pairing of appropriately charming good actors Scarlett Johansson and Topher Grace were photographed on the Set of "Synergy” in Little Italy. Both have such good timing and an engaging self-effacing manner, we think they’re a good combo.

Planning Ahead: Beautiful Futures latest clever kiddie t-shirt is “'One Day, I Will Be a Rock Star...Everything is Possible.' Check out