Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Miss Your ‘80s TV?: The first season of “Quantum Leap,” starring hunky Scott Bakula will be available on three-discs DVD June 8, 2004, with a SRP of $59.98

Series Synopsis: Get ready to join Dr. Sam Beckett on the adventure of many lifetimes! Who will he be this time? Mafia hit man. Air Force test pilot. Professional boxer. Sam does it all in Season One of the groundbreaking, 5-time Emmy award-winning series. Scott Bakula plays Sam Beckett, a time traveler who never knows whose body he is going to “leap” into next and at what moment in history he may find himself. Sam is joined by a helpful but easily distracted holographic guide, Al (Dean Stockwell) who assists him on his missions and aids Sam in his ultimate goal of returning to his own life in the present.

Bonus Material: “A Kiss with History: Remembering Quantum Leap”- Series stars Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell, along with creator Don Bellisario share stories about creating their groundbreaking series; “Quantum Knowledge”- Scott Bakula shares a bit of trivia about each episode; “Hidden messages from Scott Bakula & Dean Stockwell to Leapers.”

The “A-Team” is also available for the same price, but you get four DVDs here. Series Synopsis: Heroic, daring and more than just a little colorful, The A-Team is a brave band of brothers who will stop at nothing to get the bad guys. This unforgettable series features Mr. T, one of television’s most unique and popular superstars, in his most memorable role.Sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit, these four commandos escaped from a maximum-security stockade and now survive in the Los Angeles underground as soldiers of fortune. So, if you have a problem and there’s no one else who can help, and if you think you can find them, maybe you can hire The A-Team. Popular with fans and critics alike, now you can enjoy the entire explosive first season of the series that The New York Times hailed “A sensational hit.”

Top Trancer: DJ and producer Christopher Lawrence tours worldwide to support his latest album, “All or Nothing.” Dubbed “the US trance king” by CMJ, “the US trance master” by Remix Magazine and “one of the the biggest names in the international dance scene” by CNN, Christopher Lawrence gears up for a worldwide to support his debut All or Nothing, scheduled for a July release. The album is licensed to KinkyBeat by Christopher’s new label Pharmacy Electronic Music. Pharmacy will be an outlet for up and comers. Several years in the making, All or Nothing is a fast paced, mainly instrumental trance trip through the mind of Christopher Lawrence, who BPM Magazine voters named their #5 most favorite DJ in this year’s poll. June 4 in LA – Red @ Arena

Poet Beat: This Thursday, May 27, 2004 at The Avalon, OTEP will give a Poetry Jam reading at an event hosted by BE THE REVOLUTION ( all proceeds from the event, they say, “will be used to remove the [we’re assuming the current] president select”). Other artist performing include Ozomatli, Z-trip, Culture Clash, David J (of Love and Rockets), etc.... tickets are $15 presale,$20 at the door. Doors open at 8 p.m.

Visiting Bob: We’ve talked about our new-found affection for Bob Costas. Here’s the latest: Actor Dennis Quaid, late-night talk-show host Conan O'Brien and rocker Avril Lavigne head the guest list on this week's “On the Record With Bob Costas.” Premieres Friday, May 28, 2004 at 11 p.m., but repeats often. Check out www.hbo.com for more info.

Face Paint: advice from celebrity makeup artist Stephen Sollitto courtesy of our friend Dana Sarbeck, his rep:

Breaking up is hard to do. Especially when it’s a color you love.

“Mascara more than three months old? Pitch it. Foundation coagulated? Toss it. Still have that freebee brush from your first Clinique purchase? Come on…,” laughs makeup expert Stephen Sollitto, whose clients include Carmen Electra, Christina Aguilera and Britain’s Scary Spice.

Stephen’s tips for a smooth break include:

Step #1: “First, empty your drawer onto a clean surface. Most importantly, take into account what you have vs. what you actually use and need. Set aside what you plan to use. Throw out or pass along everything else. Separate out lipsticks for another fun project (see step 4).”

Step #2: “Clean your drawer or organizer with an anti-bacterial wipe or alcohol. Rinse with water. Don’t forget to clean tweezers, pencil sharpeners, eyelash curlers and fingernail clippers to kill any lingering bacteria. Dry thoroughly with a cloth or Q-tip (for pencil sharpeners).”

Step #3: “Replace your makeup in a way that makes sense to you. Put the products you had forgotten about in front so you will use them! Group items according to category: eye shadows, foundations, brushes, etc.”

Step #4: For the lipsticks you set aside in step 1, buy an empty makeup palette at a beauty supply store (it looks like the watercolor painting palette from back in grade school). One at time, chop off the lipstick from its tube and put in into a spoon. Hold the spoon over a candle until the lipstick melts. Then pour the lipstick into one section of the empty palette. Let the lipstick harden. Wipe the spoon with a dry cloth. Repeat until you have filled the palette. In the new palette, every color is visible, making it easier to select a shade. Plus, you’ll save room in your makeup drawer. And, when traveling, you’ll have a more efficient makeup bag.”

“Makeup doesn’t last forever,” says Stephen. “When its old, out of style, spilled or dried up, it does you no good. Staying organized and updating your makeup will keep you from falling into a pattern of always using the same products.”

Stephen Sollitto is a Los Angeles-based makeup.

Still Want More Reality TV? You’re in Luck: TBS is developing two new original reality series from Evolution Film & Tape, Inc. (Switched!, Bands Reunited). The first project, THE MANSION, is a reality competition series in which seven competitors renovate a dilapidated mansion that one will eventually get to keep. The second project, as yet untitled, from Evolution and Full Circle Entertainment, takes a diverse group of men and puts them to the test. They’re slated to premiere on TBS in fourth quarter 2004.

"The two projects are exactly the kind of funny, light-hearted and innovative reality series we're looking for," said Steve Koonin, executive vice president and chief operating officer of TBS and TNT. "They take relatable situations, like renovating a house or putting one's masculinity to the test, and turn them into no-holds-barred competitions with hilarious results that will really resonate with our young, comedy-loving audience."

THE MANSION starts with a run-down estate desperately in need of repair. Enter seven amateur home remodelers determined to turn the eyesore into a paradise. For eight weeks, the seven competitors will live in and work together on the house, one room at a time. Before beginning on each project, the renovators will vote for one person to serve as project foreperson. That person will lead the group to complete the project, juggling assignments, making tough decisions and trying to maintain group cohesiveness in the face of mounting deadlines and flaring tempers. THE MANSION will climax with TBS viewers voting to give one of the seven competitors the keys to the newly renovated house.

TBS and Evolution Film & Tape, Inc. are currently conducting an open casting call to find the seven competitors for THE MANSION. Individuals who feel confident in their home-improvement skills can apply for the show online at TBS's Web site, http://tbs.tv.

The second project from Evolution and Full Circle Entertainment puts real men to the ultimate test. Separated from their wives or girlfriends, a diverse group of men will live together for three weeks. During that period, they will face a variety of fun and outrageous challenges that will test their emotional and physical stamina. Through a series of eliminations, one man will emerge as the champion, with a huge cash prize.

Fashion Bits: Vibrant colors were popular at the “Day After Tomorrow” premiere – Emmy Rossum chose a gorgeous silk satin blue summer dress, and “Saved” star Eva Amurri chose a red dress that harkened to the flapper era. Julie Ann Emery, at that event, chose a hot pink 60s-inspired mini with silver detailing.

Oprah’s best buddy Gayle King, Janice Combs and Patti LaBelle were out last night, proving that black works fine in this weather, especially for evening events, although Jill Hennessy wore a short black dress to the “Day After” preem. Chelsea Clinton was looking very pretty (even though she paired up a ¾ sleeve brown cotton button up blouse with a lacy black skirt) – her currently hairstyle is very flattering (and btw, Ian couldn’t be happier to be with her).

At TRL Emma Watson (better known as Hermione of “Harry Potter”) showed up with co-star Daniel Radcliffe. While they’re both growing up much too fast (get those next films going!), Watson showed off her style in low-cut jeans and white t-shirt, with a vibrant red military/band jacket.

Neiman’s points out that skirts, skirts, skirts are big this season, noting that the hottest ones are minis, pencils, those with a bottom edge detail and full, fun and feminine ones.

Cannes Hair: From Kill Bill Star, Daryl Hannah to “Jesus” Jim Caviezel, Sports Illustrated cover girl Petra Nemcova, Sean Young and more, Laurent Dufourg traveled, as we’ve mentioned earlier, to his native France to style the star’s locks during the film industry’s most prestigious festival – Le Festival de Cannes. Laurent and a select team of his most talented artists were “on call” as the official stylists of the WireImage Portrait Studio.

Good Graft at Cannes: Da-Nang’s newest signature item, the “canvas tote” for men and women in army green and cloud white and the “camouflage duffel,” was spotted on stars in the south of France in between photo calls and red carpet appearances during Le Festival De Cannes. Fans included Uma Thurman to Sean Penn to the Cohen Brothers, Quentin Tarrentino, Alanis Morrisette, Tom Hanks, Daryl Hannah, Sheryl Crow.

As an official sponsor of the WireImage Portrait Studio, Da-Nang provided celebrities attending the festival bags filled with Da-Nang tanks (worn by Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez) and hundreds of dollars in Privé Aux Herbes hair product.

In addition, the Da-Nang bag was waiting for celebs, upon check in, at some of the cities most exclusive hotels, including the Hotel Du Cap, Carlton and Martinez. Da-Nang’s complete line of “lived in luxury wear” for men, women and children was launched in January 2003 in Los Angeles, CA. With each season, Da-Nang introduces new lines that are a sophisticated combination of impeccable style, fit and quality. From washed silk khakis to colorful skirts and dresses made from the most exquisite pre aged and washed fabrics, the spirit of Da-Nang reflects the ultimate in comfort fused with unparalleled style.

Currently the line is available in Fred Segal, Ron Herman, Theodore, Flying A, Atrium, Scoop, E Street Denim, L’eclaireur in Paris and is worn by some of the most recognizable stars in the world, including Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, Sara Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston and Hillary Duff to name a few.