Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Head Start

It looks a European race car, it's a certified work of art and it's the best thing to happen to shaved heads since Michael Jordon. Put one in a guy's Christmas Stocking, it will be the one present everybody talks about.

The Limited Edition HeadBlade S4, a razor designed for heads, not chins, is the perfect gift for any male who currently shaves his head, a sexy option for men with thinning hair, a tempting conversation piece for the rest. With more than a nod to sleek automotive design, the HeadBlade S4 is cast in bright stainless steel and puts a lot of performance into three compact inches of patented suspension, and yes, moving wheels. The razor is ergonomically-designed with a spring-loaded adjustable ring that fits over the middle finger, to make shaving easy and comfortable. The design is so striking, New York's Museum of Modern Art has place the S4 on permanent display.

The Limited Edition S4 has a suggested retail price of $75, and is available at specialty stores. The original HeadBlade ($15 at Walgreen's and Rite-Aid), has a pedigree all its own, with a list of headshavers that includes Vin Diesel, Shaquille O'Neil, Samuel Jackson and Damon and Keenan Wayans. Both the original HeadBlade and the Limited Edition S4 can also be purchased at www.headblade.com.

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