Thursday, May 18, 2006

Joanie, ANTP Runner-Up

Was it surprising to you that Joanie didn't win America's Next Top Model? It was to us. We were suprised based on the misleading "deliberation" when the judges deemed Joanie more versatile. Luckily both Danielle and Joanie were probably two of the nicest contestants, although accident-prone Danielle edged out Joanie in the graciousness factor (Joanie got a little snitty about Sara -- who copied her moves on the elephant; Joanie complained that Sara "wanted" it less than the rest of them). Still, the lead-in to the final announcement seemed to proclaim the more articulate Beaver Falls, PA native Joanie the winner. "She can't take a bad picture." And we know that Twiggy had her back. Curious, no?