Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Thinking Ahead to Fall Color

It’s never too early to be forward thinking, even if it’s in regards to your hair color.

According to celeb colorist Lanno Curiel, the fall season trend in color starts with shine, warmth, depth and contrast. Here are some tips from Curiel in keeping a perfect fall color trend....

1.All hair strands must reflect lots of light for ultimate shine.
Gloss treatments are important to the hair in the fall for the simple
fact that it maintains a healthier, lustrous, brighter tones.
Since you have less expose to the sun.

2. Warmth is a big factor for the perfect fall color.
warm tones brightens up any color shade.
since your hair strands may be porous due
to sun expose. This will make your color look healthier.

3. If you had summer highlights or a lighter tone color.
You must add depth; is the dominant hue of the color.
Using warmer color shades like reds, gelds, browns alone
or mixed with other tones it can guaranteed you a
richer, shinier, brighter tone.

4. One of the most important color trends this fall
is adding a simple twist to the left over summer color.
The trick is to add a contrast effect without altering the
levels of shades. Contrast color can be achieve by
applying 2-3 different color shades in different areas of
the head. Example.. you may use a light brown
on top of the head, med brown on sides and back, dark brown
on the nape. This will give you a very natural contrast
with lots of depth and shine.

Celebrity stylist Lanno Curiel has more than 15 years of experience, and has been in the industry since 1991, starting in Houston, Texas, where he owned and operated two salons: Lanno’s Emage and Mio-Mio. He then moved to New York working with couture leaders in the fashion industry, including Michael Kors and Robert Lobetta. Lanno was also an educator at Sebastian from 1995-1999.

Now in Beverly Hills, Curiel is creative director and chemical specialist at Oliver Ifergan Atelier. Curiel says, “Every woman is beautiful as long as they have great hair. Keep it sexy and natural and you can’t go wrong.” He recommends a change in hair color three times a year, so clients can change with the seasons and keep up with the trends.

Curiel creates editorial and daily styles for clients. Curiel’s work has been seen during New York and Los Angeles Fashion Week, on Extra TV, ET!, MTV, and That’s So Hollywood Celebrity Bloggers.

Lanno Curiel is at
Oliver Ifergan Atelier
205 S Robertson
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Phone: 310.967.0100