Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Your Sweet Scent

Our first thought when we heard about Body Mint was “Do they have it for dogs?” At any rate, we have long heard that chlorophyll is a great odor-absorber, for both humans as well as canines. We’ll keep you posted after we’ve (the humans at BeansTalk) tried a round of them.

Body Mint is a new, natural way to prevent body odor and bad breath -- and it works from the inside out.

Body Mint was developed in Hawaii to keep body-conscious Hawaiians smelling their best and feeling fresh even in the most tropical heat. It works neutralize all body odors...from morning mouth to body odor. Body Mint made of a highly specialized derivative of chlorophyll, the compound found in all green plants and vegetables and contains no herbs, colorings or preservatives -- safe, natural and tasteless . Imagine waking up and never worrying about morning breath again...or taking off your running shoes at the gym without worrying. Day and night, no matter what the temperature, before during and after exercise, Body Mint, says the company rep, provides an extra level of confidence. They must be confident, because Body Mint comes with a 100% guarantee.

In Hawaii, Body Mints are as essential to good grooming as showering and brushing teeth. Now available on the mainland U.S., Body Mints are also available throughout the U.S..

In Southern California, they're sold at Whole Foods, Longs Drugs, Henri Bendel in N.Y.C. and Fred Segal Stores in Los Angeles, and other retailers. Retail price is $15.99 for 60 tablets. Even CNN raved about Body Mint, which the company recommends for waking up without morning breath, combating body odors derived from stress or exercise. www.bodymint.com.