Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Kaplan Gives Back

Stuart H. Kaplan, M.D. began his practice over 25 years ago, and started helped those in need by volunteering his time and medical services. As a practicing dermatologist in Beverly Hills, and as the creator of kaplanMD Skincare, Dr. Kaplan donates a portion of all online sales of kaplanMD Skincare to three charities close to his heart:

Skin Cancer Research – As a dermatologist who specializes in both medical and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Kaplan has affected thousands of lives by advocating sun protection and early detection of skin cancer. He also performs Mohs Surgery to remove cancerous lesions from the skin. However, as skin cancer cases continue to rise in the U.S., partnering with national and local skin cancer research groups will help educate a much broader audience.

Breast Cancer Research – Dr. Kaplan’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer several years ago. With advances made possible by continued research, Dr. Kaplan’s sister has now completed her courses of treatment. These advances are made possible by generous donations and grants, to which Dr. Kaplan will also now contribute.

Children of the Night – Dr. Kaplan has worked with Children of the Night for more than 15 years. This organization is dedicated to rehabilitating and educating underage girls arrested for prostitution. Many of these young girls are tattooed against their will, often with markings showing that they are “owned” by others. Dr. Kaplan performs laser tattoo removal on these girls free of charge, giving them a fresh start on many levels.

The kaplanMD Skincare line is also available in spas and boutiques throughout the US. Dr. Kaplan will be partnering with these retail locations to donate a portion of profits to a charity of the retailer’s choice.

kaplanMD Skincare is the first ‘complete balanced diet for the skin.’ When Dr. Kaplan saw his patients bring in bags of products, and were baffled about which ones to use and in which order, Dr. Kaplan created a simple, all-in-one skincare line that delivered the benefits of a dozen products in just 1 application. As a result, every kaplanMD product contains no less than 10 active ingredients, at their highest concentrations, to treat all three types of skin aging, caused by time, environment, and natural hormonal progression.

The kaplanMD skincare line includes Cleansing Lotion, Revitalizing Toner, Day Cream SPF 15, Replenishing Night Cream, Perfecting Serum, Intensive Eye Cream, LIP 20 Moisture Therapy + SPF (available in 5 sheer colors), and the newest addition, Cell Renewing Microfoliant.

In keeping with this new direction, in addition to donating a portion of the sales from kaplanMD to charity, the prices will also be lowered on all kaplanMD products to help make them available to a larger audience. Retail prices will be: Cleansing Lotion, $55; Revitalizing Toner, $40; Day Cream SPF 15, $125; Replenishing Night Cream, $145; Perfecting Serum, $185; Intensive Eye Cream, $95; Cell Renewing Microfoliant, $55; LIP 20, $30; Collection Set, $325; and Travel Set, $75.

Additional information on kaplanMD Skincare, Dr. Stuart Kaplan, and store availability can be found online at