Thursday, July 23, 2009

Special Presentation:

Sex In The Ancient World: Pompeii
Sex In The Ancient World: Egypt

Discover the sex life of the ancients, from the princes and queens of Egypt to the gladiators and courtesans of Rome. Using archaeological discoveries, ancient text books, early artifacts and forensic historical research, Sex In The Ancient World offers a revealing look at both the sexual divides that characterized ancient Egyptian and Roman cultures and the powerful people.

Sex In The Ancient World: Pompeii: The oldest known brothel in the world is discovered in Pompeii. A startling system is revealed that includes widespread prostitution and sexual slavery. Experts piece together the elaborate system and show how the sex trade helped reinforce class and power in Ancient Rome.

Sex In The Ancient World: Egypt: A graphic 3,000-year-old papyrus is discovered that seems pornographic. Is it a message to the Gods, part of a fertility ritual, or simply evidence of erotica? Experts decode the evidence to reveal its true meaning, shedding a new light on the everyday lives of Ancient Egyptians. Premieres Monday, July 27; Pompeii at 9 pm/1 am ET/PT; Egypt at 10 pm/2 am