Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Judy Collins' Takes on
the "Weight of the World"

Judy Collins' new album 'Paradise' (Wildflower Records) has Collins’ take on songs from the likes of Jimmy Webb, Tom Paxton, Joan Baez, Tim Buckley, and Stan Jones, as well as duets with Joan Baez and Stephen Stills.

One of the most affecting tracks on the album is “Weight of the World” by emerging Wildflower recording artist Amy Speace, an anti-war song with powerful and personal lyrics. Singing about a brother unthinkably heading off to fight, Collins’ voice is a plaintive, universal cry expressing the unspeakable senselessness of losing a loved one to war. The weight of her world is deeply felt in the intimacy of the song’s lyrics, resonating with “The weight of the world, too heavy to lift/ So much was lost, so much was missed/ It doesn’t seem fair that any boy or any girl/ Should have to carry the weight of the world.”

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