Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New to You: Andrew Stone

This is the first in an occasional series -- "New To You" -- in which BeansTalk introduces you to an up-and-coming artist (actor, musician, writer, painter, etc.)

Alternative rocker Andrew Stone, 22, was born in Missouri and raised in Hawaii before he made his pilgrimage to Austin, Texas. In Austin, Stone has spent the past couple of years forging his diverse musical background – he is often compared to: Robert Plant, Nick Drake and Jeff Buckley. On stage, he is a dynamo, a passionate and fiery windmill of power chords.

Stone was a finalist in the 2009 Uncommon Grounds Songwriter Competition in Chicago. He is currently in the studio working on his first full-length record scheduled to be released this fall. His musical influences include: Jeff Buckley, Led Zeppelin, U2, and White Stripes.

Stone is popular with the college and university crowds throughout Texas. He has played at Momo's, Stubb’s, Hole in the Wall, Red Eyed Fly, Monk's in Abilene, Sugar Brown's in Lubbock, 806 in Amarillo, and many others. Andrew recently signed with manager, Harrison Cheung, who previously managed Christian Bale and was instrumental in the actor's career. Stone will make his Los Angeles debut in the near future. Cheung suggests this winter.


“A very talented player. His vocals are emotive and his slide guitar playing unique.”

“Unless you’ve been to one of his live shows, you’ll never fully appreciate the young musical dynamo that he is.”
Abilene Creative Pulse

“Andrew Stone is one hell of a show. Stone is an animated passion on stage, he often reminds me, quite starkly; of Jeff Buckley the way his vibrato comes out, and the way he's always about to spontaneously overheat and blow up his guitar.”
Smoke a Risin’

“Kind of awesome. Jeff Buckley fans will love Andrew Stone.”
Hairy Man Festival

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