Monday, October 14, 2013

Actress Tanna Fredrick just wrapped production on Henry Jaglom’s romantic mystery 
“Ovation,” starring opposite James Denton. The story is set in the 
backstage world of theatre where the cast struggles to keep their play 
afloat while they search for a murder suspect amongst themselves.

 Frederick will star in Henry Jaglom’s romantic comedy “The
M Word” as well as “Garner, Iowa,” “Garner, Iowa” is the first 
production under her Project Cornlight venture that aims to develop 
Iowa-based films and other projects showcasing Iowa.

Also, she’ll return to Iowa to star in the dark comedy 
“Just Beautiful, ” the story of a workaholic loner’s quilt-driven 
quest to rediscover fun (mandated by her dying perfectionist father)