Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Coincidence or Good Luck?

GOOD LUCK is a feature length inspirational documentary film, in which great minds of our time thoroughly examine the idea of coincidence. It reveals the riveting secrets of how a, seemingly random, coincidence can change ones life forever. Featuring experts such as
New York Times best selling author Robert Greene (48 Laws of Power), Steve Gillman (Secrets of Lucky People), Kevin Blackwood (Casino Gambling For Dummies), and many others - GOOD LUCK provides viewers with a practical perspective on Luck, it's properties, and how to capture and manipulate it.
Lorenzo Holley, Executive Producer, says:
"It has been an invigorating journey as we approach the completion of this film. We've traveled all over the United States, and we've interviewed over 50 of the world's most brilliant minds including philosophers, psychologist, best selling authors, professional gamblers, and love experts.  We've covered the entire spectrum of Luck with this film.We were very inspired by  Rob's (Rob Thomas) success with Veronica Mars, on Kickstarter, so we've opted to raise additional funds for special effects there. We are scheduled to launch on Kickstarter December 15th. Follow us on twitter for updates"