Thursday, July 29, 2004

Who’s Where: The Democratic National Convention has attracted celebs who included Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker, James Carville (no real surprise there), Steve Buscemi, Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, Everclear, and Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Change in Bill Maher Guest: Sen. Norm Coleman will no longer be appearing on REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER on FRIDAY, JULY 30, 2004 at 11 p.m. Instead, presidential candidate Ralph Nader and musician/performer André 3000 (Outkast) will appear as interview guests, and Governor Bill Owens (R - CO) will be a satellite interview guest. Filmmaker Michael Moore, Rep. David Dreier (R - CA) and Former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell remain as roundtable guests.

We Couldn’t Want One More: Segway: What if you just don’t want to harm the environment by that short drive, but it’s a tiny bit too far to walk? Consider the Segway!! Segways are popping up all over and people are having the most fun being environmentally sound. Tom Cruise, Ed Norton, Brad Pitt, JJ Abrams run errands on their Segway HT's. Comedian Louie Anderson wants to buy Segway's as gifts for his friends. It is time that we think of our environment and have fun all at once... it is Hybrids and Segways for all!

Our average commute is more than an hour; the average price of a gallon of gas in L.A. is more than $2.25; and the average car produces more than a ton of air pollution per year.

Local entrepreneurs Jason Stemmler and Robert Aronoff, have announced the opening of Segway Los Angeles, a dealership devoted to the sales, rental, and marketing of the Segway™ Human Transporter (HT) – a transportation system that satisfies the concerns of environmentalists and truly embodies the technological promise of the 21st Century.

In the past few years, electric vehicles have become all the rage in Hollywood, endorsed by celebrities such as Leonardo di Caprio, Justin Timberlake, Cameron Diaz, Alexandra Paul and Tobey Maguire. The HT is the next step in convenience and affordability.

The Segway HT is an electric, personal transportation device that can go anywhere you can: on sidewalks, into stores, down stairs, over curbs… Perfect for commuting to work, grocery shopping, or running errands, the HT enables environmentally responsible users to avoid traffic and parking congestion. The Segway HT is battery powered and emissions-free. With a range of up to 15 miles, it costs just under 10 cents to fully charge the Segway HT, and its energy efficiency is equivalent to 450 miles per gallon or 40 times that of an average full-sized SUV.

Located at 1660 Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, California, Segway Los Angeles opened last month to provide individual customers and commercial organizations with test rides, on-site sales, rental options, service for an exciting, expanding line of Segway HTs designed to meet every demand, and will offer free same day shipping to most locations throughout the United States.

The i Series model, for instance, is optimized for extended speed and enhanced performance on a variety of terrains, including dirt, grass, and pavement. Light, compact, and foldable, an HT can easily fit in a trunk, and up to 8 HTs can fit in one parking space. The Segway HT can ride right on to MTA’s light rail trains, and anywhere pedestrians can go. Its versatility, combined with a 12.5 mph maximum speed and 8 to 15 mile range provides more than enough speed and distance for the average Angeleno’s commute, making this HT an ideal choice for both commercial applications and personal use in suburban and recreational environments. The i Series model is available for a suggested retail price of $4,495. While the smaller, more compact Segway HT p Series is available at a suggested retail price of $3,995.

As a testament to the utility of the HT, Segway Los Angeles is proud to announce its dealings with the City of Santa Monica, which recently joined the growing list of municipalities increasing productivity and reducing operational costs through the use of the human transporter. And, in addition to its use by police and fire departments, private companies as diverse as resorts and warehouses are already using the Segway HT to enormous benefit. Versatile, efficient, and useful, the Segway HT is poised to become the vehicle of choice in the 21st Century. But, even still, its greatest advantage is that it brings the fun back to the L.A. morning commute.

About Segway Los Angeles

Segway Los Angeles is located at 1660 Ocean Ave in Santa Monica and affords individual customers and commercial organizations test rides, on-site sales and delivery, product orientation, and service for the expanding line of Segway HTs. As the exclusive Segway dealer for Los Angeles County, Segway LA is equipped to accommodate individual retail sales as well large commercial or government fleet orders. Segway LA’s mobile unit brings the Segway experience to businesses interested in personalized on-site demonstrations and product orientation. Visit for more information and directions to the dealership.

About Segway LLC

Segway LLC develops and manufactures alternative-power transportation devices and is well-known for its flagship product, the electric, self-balancing Segway™ Human Transporter (HT), which has garnered attention around the globe since it was first revealed in December 2001. Driven by a mission to develop and sell fun, innovative transportation solutions, Segway employs its patented “dynamic stabilization” technology to create versatile, agile, short-range devices that provide an exhilarating user experience. Savvy customers use the Segway HT to run errands, commute to work, and just have fun, while enjoying the benefits of its impressive energy efficiency. Joining thousands of individuals who use the HT, commercial organizations are now using the human transporter to increase productivity and reduce emissions and operational costs.

Segway LLC’s headquarters and manufacturing facility are based in Bedford, NH. For additional information about Segway and to find dealer locations, please visit Press materials and digital images are available at Segway’s press center at

Who’s Wearing What: Daniel Travis wore Giorgio Armani to the “Open Water” premiere Wednesday night.

Everclear Update: Capitol Records has set the upcoming release of "TEN YEARS GONE - THE BEST OF EVERCLEAR 1994-2004," the greatest hits collection from Everclear. The 21-track retrospective - which includes all the band's hits, plus soundtrack contributions and two previously unreleased songs arrives in stores on September 28, 2004.

An Everclear album is currently in the works for release next year and Everclear will be touring this Fall.


1. "Wonderful"

2. "Santa Monica"

3. "Everything To Everyone"

4. "AM Radio"

5. "Volvo Driving Soccer Mom"

6. "I Will Buy You A New Life"

7. "Learning How To Smile"

8. "Strawberry"

9. "Local God" (from Romeo & Juliet)

10. "Summerland"

11. "Fire Maple Song"

12. "When It All Goes Wrong Again"

13. "Heroin Girl"

14. "The Boys Are Back In Town" (from Detroit Rock City)

15. "Father Of Mine (Radio Mix)"

16. "Brown Eyed Girl"

17. "Sex With A Movie Star (Good Witch Gone Bad)" *

18. "The New Disease" *

19. "New York Times"

20. "Song From An American Movie Pt.1"

21. "Rock Star"

*Previously Unreleased

“Magic” Partnership: Rémy Martin® and The Magic Johnson Foundation will announce their year long partnership tomorrow, July 30, 2004 at the 19th annual Magic Johnson’s Midsummer Night’s Magic weekend. This weeklong fundraising event is held in Los Angeles and hosted by Earvin "Magic" Johnson to raise money to support various charities and foundations. Rémy Martin® will donate $200,000 throughout the year to the Magic Johnson Foundation. Jim Chambers, President and Chief Executive Officer of Rémy Martin says “Rémy Martin is pleased to announce our support and dedication to The Magic Johnson Foundation and to partake in their mission to give back to the community through fundraising for community based organizations nationwide”. Rémy Martin will present a check to the Foundation at a dinner that will feature a Chocolate Truffle Dessert with a Rémy Martin V.S.O.P filling.

Rémy Martin will be the exclusive spirit sponsor for the Midsummer Night's Magic Weekend, which will host two events that will feature the exclusive ‘Rémy Room’. Rémy Martin has decided to take this room on the road so that you can enjoy the Rémy experience with your family, friends and neighbors. The Room signifies growth and achievement through different stages of life’s journey. It will be a place where tastemakers and celebrities can celebrate these achievements and continue their journey while enjoying Rémy Martin VSOP, Rémy Martin X.O® and Rémy Red ®.

Rémy Martin has been making top quality cognacs for over three centuries. Rémy Martin V.S.O.P, a blend of 240 cognacs between four and 14 years of age, is a rich and silky cognac with heady notes of violet and rose; ripe apricots and peaches, vanilla and hazelnuts. Rémy Martin X.O contains 85% Grande Champagne and is aged 10 to 37 years, a fruity taste it is reminiscent of ripe figs and juicy plums with under notes of cinnamon, toffee and hazelnuts that give it a smoothness and finesse that lingers long on the palate. RémyRed is a collection of unique, sophisticated fruit liqueurs with a touch of Rémy Martin cognac that includes RémyRed Red Berry, Strawberry Kiwi and RémyRed Grape Berry.