Monday, February 28, 2005

Nominee and BeansTalk favorite, Kate Winslet
REUTERS/Mike Blake

Many jewelers BeansTalk interviewed before the Oscars (covering for Reuters) said that there would be less diamond glam and more simplicity, with smaller colored diamonds. Well, they were pretty much wrong....

Bling, Bling, Bling: The Proverbial Diamonds and the Oscars

What They Wore:

Kate Winslet (seen above) all by Neil Lane: Diamond and platinum earrings with 5-carat diamond drops, which were custom-made for her and finished the night before the Oscars, two matching diamond cuff bracelets with 40 carats each, two 5-carat diamond clips on her dress, and custom-made S-clips for her hair created last week.

Annette Bening
– Her own diamond drop earrings.

Charlize Theron
– All by Bulgari: two vintage 1939 Art Deco diamond bracelets set in platinum, round- and baguette-cut diamond chandelier earrings.

Drew Barrymore
– Black and white diamond carousel earrings totaling 40 carats by Neil Lane, brilliant-cut diamond link bracelet by Harry Winston.

Gwen Stefani – All by Van Cleef & Arpels: 3-carat round-cut diamond stud earrings valued at $175,000, Lugo Pampille diamond watch set in white gold valued at $82,000, and diamond and white gold lotus flower ring worth $16,700.

Gwyneth Paltrow
– All by Damiani: one-of-a-kind, custom-made diamond bracelet and teardrop-shaped diamond hoop earrings.

Custom-made brown diamond briolette earrings by Lorraine Schwartz.

Helen Mirren 25-carat Edwardian diamond necklace worth $155,000 with a 5-carat center stone, 56-carat diamond chain valued at $125,000, 1920s diamond pendant earrings worth $145,000, Edwardian diamond bracelet worth $38,000. All from Fred Leighton.

Hilary Swank ­– (really, now this will be no surprised to fashion fans) All by Chopard (wait, Hilary Swank wore Chopard. She wore Chopard? Really?): 5.16-carat emerald-cut Diamond Right Hand Ring flanked by diamond baguettes, and 2.13- and 2.16-carat cushion-cut diamond earrings set in platinum on a French wire.

Imelda Staunton – Diamond hoop earrings, diamond brooch, and Diamond Right Hand Ring.

Julia Roberts – Her own Cathy Waterman three-stone diamond drop earrings (but it was really about her post-baby bod, so she didn't need to get all diamond-decked out, right?)

Kirsten Dunst – Rose-cut diamond pendant earrings with diamond briolettes valued at $23,000, rose-cut diamond and rock crystal cuff bracelet worth $250,000, all by Fred Leighton.

Maggie Gyllenhaal – Diamond Right Hand Riviera Ring with square-cut diamond and 100-carat, round-cut diamond necklace, all by Neil Lane.

Melanie Griffith Harry Winston diamond drop earrings.

Natalie Portman Fred Leighton 19th century headband valued at $75,000, 3.9-carat, cushion-cut Diamond Right Hand Ring.

Penelope Cruz All by Chopard: 5.91 and 5.06 carat yellow diamond earrings set in yellow gold, a pear-shaped fancy yellow Diamond Right Hand Ring accented on each side with a 18.45 carat pear-shaped diamond and two fancy yellow emerald-cut diamond bracelets (21 carats and 19.06 carats).

Rebecca De Mornay – Chakra diamond necklace totaling 6.51 carats, valued at $36,000, chakra diamond earrings totaling 2.45 carats worth $12,000, all by Damiani.

Regina King – Diamond petal drop earrings set in platinum and red gold with oval-cut diamonds valued at $550,000 and diamond accents on her dress, all by Chris Aire. King also wore the Stuart Weitzman Oscar shoe 2005, with Marilyn Monroe's actual earrings (aurora borealis cut-crystal).

Renee Zellweger – All by Cartier: emerald-cut diamond and platinum ring, diamond line necklace with emerald- and oval-cut diamonds, emerald-cut diamond and platinum bracelet

Scarlett Johansson Fred Leighton 19th century 3-star diamond tiara valued at $55,000.

Star Jones (uh, don't forget the) Reynolds Chopard custom-made 94.65-carat chocolate brown diamond choker worn in her hair as a tiara.

Vanessa Paradis – Her own Neil Lane diamond brooch in her hair.

Virginia MadsenLoree Rodkin diamond chandelier earrings. Rodkin used to be Madsen's managers in the fat 80s, when Rodkin was managing and living with actor Judd Nelson. There's your trivia for the evening.)

Jamie Foxx Black and white diamond watch valued at $57,000, diamond ring set in platinum and red gold worth $11,000, all by Chris Aire, and diamond-accented sunglasses

Morgan Freeman – one-of-a-kind, oversized diamond Cartier Pasha 42 watch, diamond stud worn as top button. Too bad he didn't wear the Jaime Shepard white-gold, diamond- encrusted boxing glove. We checked it out yesterday and it was stunning -- and quite appropriate.

Don Cheadle – All by Chris Aire: single pave diamond hoop, Aire Traveler diamond watch valued at $32,000 and grade D-flawless diamond cufflinks totaling 1.5 carats, valued at $15,000.

Leonardo Di Caprio 4-carat emerald-cut diamond cufflinks set in white gold worth $24,000 by Jacob the Jeweler.

Usher – All by Harry Winston: Avenue Chronograph diamond watch, 4-carat brilliant-cut diamond studs.


H. Stern’s jewelry was worn at Oscar celebrations hosted by Vanity Fair Magazine at Morton’s, and Elton John at the 13th Annual Aids Foundation viewing party at the Pacific Design Center:

Eva Longoria- "Diane von Furstenberg" Collection diamond pave Love Knot earrings and Power ring
Rachel Bilson – “Jaipure” Collection pendant and earrings
Rachel Griffiths – “Sofia Fiore” Collection earrings and ring
Michelle Trachtenberg – “Cobblestone” Collection earrings and “Fluid Gold” Collection necklace (worn wrapped as a bracelet)
Victoria Duffy – “Ritzy Topaz” Collection earrings