Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Natural Beauty

by Andrea Goodwin, associate editor (agoodwin@beanstalkbiz.com)

BeansTalk has been a big fan of the von Natur skin care line for some time. Accordingly, we were so pleased to learn of the launch of their Mineral Based Cosmetic Collection. Kayla Fioravanti, formulator and creator of von Natur, has really responded to the customer who demands high quality while maintaining concern about the manufacturing process. The hallmarks of von Natur are their “vegan” and “cruelty free” certifications printed on all of their products. Animal-friendly women can wear their products with peace of mind.

As always, BeansTalk had to try a sampling of mineral foundations, which are talc-free and fragrance-free. This staffer, a skin cancer survivor, also appreciated the ingredient combination of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide – a natural sun protectant, and non allergenic.

If you are new to mineral make-up, know that it does take a bit of practice to refine a routine that works for you. However, the real obstacle for most women is breaking out of their traditional make-up and compressed powder habit and trying something new. To help the novice get started here is a basic guide:

Start with von Natur’s Liquid Foundation ($36.00 1 fl oz.) With a sponge or fingertip apply a sheer cover of make-up to clean face. A little goes a long way here. For a light to medium face the Birch color is a good choice. Additionally, this product is packed with ingredients which renew collagen (for plumping and fullness), heal skin ailments and diminish the appearance of pores and wrinkles.

Follow up with concealer. ($19.00 4g) The von Natur concealers are available in five shades:
Normalize (Pink) – normalize hyperpigmentation, bruising or deep gray under eye circles Goodbye (Green) – cover breakouts, birthmarks, rosacea and scarring Neutralize (Yellow) – neutralize bluish skin tones & dark under eye circles Disguise (Neutral) – cover imperfections Brighten (White) – accentuate features
It may be contrary to instinct for some women to apply green or yellow foundation to one’s face, but in actuality, the wisdom of neutralizing dark circles and unwanted pigmentation with an opposing color has been long accepted in the cosmetics industry and is based upon well established color science. BeansTalk scrutinized the under eye results in various lighting and was very happy.

BeansTalk’s best bet for achieving a natural and “unmade up” look is to use a loose mineral foundation such as von Natur’s Mineral Powder ($26.00 10g) available in birch, cedar, magnolia, maple, myrtlewood, oak, pine, redwood, spruce sycamore, and willow. Whether you are prepping for an exciting night on the town, going for the natural look, or just touching up, this lightweight, silky mineral powder can give you a light to heavy coverage. As always, a proper kabuki brush is needed for even blending, so invest in a good one! Go over the face with a quick, gentle buffing motion, using the kabuki, to blend and soften.

After a brush of cheek color or bronzer BeansTalk recommends the use of a finishing powder to set the makeup. Von Natur offers the Complete Setting Powder ($24.00 10g) It extends the life of foundation throughout the day, and reduces shine by aiding in oil absorption. Additionally, it can be used alone for light coverage or is great if you want to prevent your foundation from “sliding” off before the end of the day.