Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sworn Virgin's Latest

We have a Sworn Virgin dress we love. It would look better if we were thinner. Ah well. They have news! Here's the latest release from the rep:

Eco Trip
Introducing Sworn Virgins - Pure Eco Fashion

Itchy, scratchy and uncomfortable…that’s what most girls think of when they conjure up thoughts of eco-friendly clothing. But one company proves that suddenly…it’s comfortable to be green.

The brainchild of partners Roshanne Aghevli and Alex Amini, Sworn Virgins makes good on its promise of looking good while feeling good. Each Sworn Virgins style is made of 100% biodegradable bamboo fibers that are spun into an ultra soft jersey material.

“It started out with the idea of being committed to purity…committed to taking care of our planet” says designer Aghevli. And in 2006 the duo decided to take their environmental plight to the racks of the nation’s finest boutiques. They hit the ground running in search of a sustainable fabric…a biodegradable, ultra-creamy fiber that would also allow them to utilize environmentally sound manufacturing techniques.

They stumbled upon bamboo…known for being biodegradable, naturally anti-bacterial and sweat proof. Unlike other “green” fabrics, bamboo is silky-soft with a natural drape that makes their subtle, sexy designs so flattering and comfortable.

And don’t think that they have forsaken trend in order to save the planet, because these do-gooders have style. The line boasts an array of current trends and classic styles available in an ever-changing palette of bright colors, neutral hues and feminine prints. Swinging skirts, bouncing baby dolls and plunging tanks abound along with fluid t-shirt dresses and leggings.

All that…and they don’t have to be dry-cleaned.

Sworn Virgins tops, tunics and dresses range from $80 to $220 and are available at top drawer boutiques around the country from Fred Segal to Big Drop.