Friday, January 09, 2009

Good Health

American Blast

For awhile, we were all over sugar-free Red Bull. And then we got over it. It may have something to do with the fact that our CFO was continuously expressing concerns over possible ill-effects on our health.

At the Distinctive Assets Spike TV Video Game Awards suite, a grouping of staff got to sample the American Blast Energy Drink and it was a big hit with BeansTalk, and especially with our COB who loved the idea, and the taste (although not the name).

The 411: Founded in 2008, American Blast Energy Drink is an invigorating energy and vitamin drink. American Blast Energy Drink provides over 100% of the daily recommended requirement for many essential multi-vitamins including Vitamins B6, B12, C, and Folic Acid.

It’s available in a 2 oz. sugar-and alcohol-free concentrated supplement size, as well as an 8 oz. size that is carbonated and sweetened; the 8 oz. size is available in three varieties – regular, sugar-free and caffeine-free. The COB preferred the caffeine free and the rest of us loved the sugar-free. It

The reps (BeansTalk friends Kravetz P.R.) tell us that “Within three to five minutes, you will feel a boost of energy that lasts up to six hours! Unlike most caffeine filled products, American Blast Energy Drink has no negative side effects and will not leave you sluggish the rest of the day. It’s Kosher, American made, and eco-friendly (the label is printed on soy paper).

“Most of our competitor's energy drinks are simply loaded with calories, carbohydrates, sugar and sodium using the reaction to these ingredients to take credit for the energy boost” says Robyn Russo, owner of American Blast Energy Drink. “American Blast Energy Drink has flavor and overall customer satisfaction that is far superior and healthier than other similar products such Red Bull and Mojo.”

American Blast Energy Drink is produced by Natures Answer, Quality Without Questions, one of America's oldest and largest manufacturers of holistically balanced herbal extracts. The company specializes “in innovative scientific techniques and are pioneers of alcohol free extracts, vitamins, minerals, tinctures and organic remedies.”

American Blast Energy Drink is available in three varieties – regular, sugar free and caffeine free, and retails for $2.00-2.49 for an 8oz. can and $3.00-3.49 for a 2oz size. The product is available at the Vitamin Shoppe and online at