Friday, January 23, 2009

Party Hair Tips

Hair Tips from Ryan Nickulas, Founder of NYC’S Ryan Darius Salon

This holiday, get festive with these tips that are sure to deck your hair in style. NYC salon owner Ryan Nickulas of the Ryan Darius Salon helps to transform your everyday look into chic holiday hair.

Party Your Hair: Nickulas recommends, “A jeweled headband or hair pins are the easiest way to add a touch of glam while bringing your look from boring to fashion-forward.”
Instant Makeover: Nickulas says, “When time between the workday and a soiree is limited to a cab ride, quick and easy transitions are key:

* In the morning braid your damp hair in a few sections
* Wrap them in a bun for the duration of the day
* At the end of your work day, unravel your festive waves
* Add a fun accessory to give your hairstyle some holiday shimmer

Shine Shine Shine: Nickulas, like many of his peers, has a favorite hair-styling product: “A must-have for every girl is Goldwell’s Diamond Gloss Shine Spray—a fine mist that smoothes while adding luster to dull and tired hair. Stash it under your desk and apply after a long day for a renewed healthy shine.”

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