Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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Great Massage Therapy: NeuroSoma

BeansTalk can speak first hand about the amazing massage therapy of artist Betzi Stein (yes, she is an actual artist, in addition to being an artist of massage therapy).

We got this email from her and wanted to share it with you…if you live in Los Angeles or are visiting, consider contacting Betzi – you will absolutely feel fantastic. We haven't tried NeuroSoma specifically, but if Betzi's in charge, it will undoubtedly be wonderful.

“I want to tell you about a powerful and highly effective method of muscle therapy that I have incorporated into my massage practice. It restores chronically- contracted (knotted) muscles to a healthy state and relieves the associated discomfort.

The method, called NeuroSoma®, is based on the fact that when chronically-contracted muscles relax, pressure on adjacent nerves is relieved, thus restoring full muscle function. Further, according to Thomas Griner, developer of the method, conditions not typically associated with muscle can be significantly minimized without drugs or surgery. These include allergies, arthritis, digestive disorders, disc issues, headaches and sinus problems, to name just a few.

The treatment involves a machine called the BioPulser® that uses percussive vibration of an exact speed and number of pulses per second to condition muscles for the finger work that follows. The BioPulser® reaches deep into the hardened core of chronically-contracted muscles, softening them from the inside out. The finger work then relaxes the muscles from the outside in.

I've had very positive responses from clients thus far:

Just to give you some feedback...I got home Friday and realized my spine was straight...better than going to a chiropractor. I am sleeping better and am looser than I have been (maybe in years.) My sinuses are clearer and I feel an overall sense of better well being. RT

Since you started these new treatments my neck feels SO much better that I forgot it used to hurt all the time. AO

My feet haven't felt this good in months! NL

Following are excerpts from an information sheet that will more fully explain the basis of the treatment:

More About Pain and NeuroSoma®

"Pain is an attention-grabbing sensation, and is how your body alerts you to a problem. However, pain is secondary to some unfelt primary problem. Unfortunately, all too often we attack the messenger instead of the message, because it is easy to become fixated on a pain.

Thomas Griner, upon whose work NeuroSoma® is based, and inventor of the BioPulser®, learned through years of practice that much pain is the result of nerve entrapment by muscles hardened from chronic over-contraction. These hardened muscles actually irritate adjacent tissues, but most nerves are purposely placed under muscles with the expectation that muscle will act as a cushion. Therefore, the number of nerve entrapment points is quite large and varied, and an excessive increase of muscle tone underlies and accompanies many maladies.

As the level of muscle tone/irritation increases, endorphins – the body’s natural painkillers – are triggered so that your level of sensitivity is actually decreased. Decreased sensitivity allows the spreading irritation of the hardened muscles to increase covertly; in other words, even though the irritation is actually increasing, decreased symptomatic sensitivity allows you to believe you are remaining the same or even improving. In advanced levels of irritation, sensitivity often drops so low that symptoms will disappear altogether. The mistaken assumption is then that “whatever was wrong finally went away.”

Healing modalities that set pain relief as the primary goal usually fall into the “endorphin trap”. Powerful endorphins cover up the symptoms, allowing temporary relief from the secondary problem (pain); but our primary goal is ultimately to identify and rectify the primary problem – the underlying dysfunction – thereby achieving the secondary goal of eliminating pain."

I'll be happy to talk with you further, answer any questions you may have and schedule your appointment. I am very excited about the addition of this method to my practice and look forward to working with you soon.

To your health!


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