Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Exclusive! Exclusive! Exclusive!

BeansTalk Exclusive

Affleck Gets Greasy After Baby

Earlier today, Ben Affleck's wife, actress Jennifer Garner, gave birth to the couple's second daughter (no other details were made available by their reps to People mag, which apparently had the exclusive) in Los Angeles. They also have a daughter, Violet, now 3.

At 9:30 p.m., Affleck, emerging from the backseat of a sedan parked in front of Culver City's Johnnie's Pastrami (Famous Since 1952) at Sepulveda and Washington, and sat around the restaurant's outdoor fire-pit. Affleck, wearing a zip-up jacket and beanie headgear (not unlike the outfit in the photo here), seemed to have suddenly gotten conscious that maybe one of the five other customers may have recognized him, pulled his collar up and his beanie down as we (BeansTalk) left Johnnie's. His companions, a couple, were blissfully engaging him in conversation.

Really? Really? You're in a little tiny dive joint (albeit one with yummy food), probably wanting some of their seriously popular pastrami sandwich and fries, and you're worried that one of the other five people there might recognize you from your turns in "Bounce" and "Man About Town"?

Actually Ben, if you should worry about anything, it might be that at 36-years-old, eating heavy, greasy (again, albeit tasty) food fare that late at night may give you nightmares. That's what we were worried about.

For the record, no one approached him and it was probably only the BeansTalk table that even noticed who he was -- and we really acted like he wasn't "anyone." Because, really, in our universe, you really aren't. Although we did love Dogma. But not because of you.