Monday, November 21, 2011

Bella's Honeymoon Luggage

Their Bric's Luggage can be seen in the boat.

Bella's Baggage
(And we're not talking about her irrepressible humanity)

Last Friday, we were submerged with screeching girls at an afternoon showing of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1," and noticed that Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) had some very lovely luggage on their honeymoon trip to the secluded Esme's Island. Initially, it resembles LV (Louis Vuitton) luggage, but upon closer inspection (there are close-ups of the beauty/train case, in particular as something Alice has packed for Bella triggers a startling revelation).

Their luggage? Bric's Luggage. (Ironically, we saw the movie at the Century City Westfield Mall, where there happens to be a Bric's store.) The new Mr. and Mrs. Cullen are using Bric's luggage (courtesy of fashionista Alice). Bric's was a luggage line carried by both the late Princess Diana and actress Nicole Kidman. In the film, she has the 26" luggage, the beauty case and a garment bag, and what looks like the 18" duffle or the valise (the one with all the unexpected lingerie).

Look for Bric's LIFE collection, which just happens to be on sale right on on a few online sites, including Neiman Marcus and Luggage Pros.

About Bric's:
Bric's began when Mario Briccola founded the company in 1952 in the Como region of Italy where it has become internationally renowned for luggage crafted by hand using the finest Tuscan leather and state-of-the-art nylon. Although the company has far outgrown Mario's original workshop, the personal touch continues today with a second generation of the Briccola family ensuring its heritage of quality, style, and attention to detail.