Thursday, November 17, 2011

Teasing Mad Men Look

This fall, take a leap into the swinging '60s with Mad Men-inspired beauty trends. Curves are not limited to bodacious hourglass figures - inject some bounce into your hairdo too! What looks better with a tight pencil skirt and sweater than the coyly demure, volume-pumped hair styles worn by Betty, Joan and PeggyCricket Company's Amped Up Teasing Brush is custom designed withboar and nylon mixed multi-level bristles that create teased texture and lift for effortless up-do styling.  
Cricket Teasing Brushes

Here's how to get a classy volumized French twist (and leave "The Bump" to Snooki and Sarah Palin):

Step 1: Divide your hair into sections - one section of hair on either side of your face to be pulled back later (not too much hair, save it for the good stuff in the back!) Divide the remaining hair into two sections (horizontally, not vertically - you aren't making pigtails) at the top of your crown.
Step 2: Take a portion of the third section at the crown of your head and back-comb or tease the base of the hair using the Amped Up Teasing Brush, creating a bodacious bird's nest! Spray it with hairspray and tease section forward, and secure with bobby-pins at the crown of your head.
Step 3: Take the second middle section and repeat teasing motion with the Teasing Brush and layer it over the first bump and pin in place.
Step 4: Pull the front side sections smoothly and tautly around and pin it right underneath thebump on either side, to help hold the elevated hair in place and prevent spillage.

Step 5: Take the remaining hair at the base of head and pull strand together as if creating a pony tail, twist and pin tuck into the twist from the top down.

Mad Men hair

The Cricket Amped Up Teasing Brush retails for $4.39 and is available at select salons and beauty supply stores.  For more information, visit