Wednesday, November 02, 2011

No More Excuses: Learn to Play Piano Now

David Sides

Elijah Kelly

Actors Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sanaa Latham

Launches Today:
Playground Sessions
Learn Music Through Software

Playground Sessions is an innovative new software application that’s set to transform the way people learn to play music.  Beginning with the piano and keyboard, Playground Sessions teaches the fundamentals of music through hit songs originally performed by popular artists —from One Republic to Ne-Yo and The Jackson Five— allowing people of all ages and skill levels to master the music quickly and enjoyably. Elements of gaming such as real-time feedback, scoring, badging and progress visualization, takes practice from ‘a chore’ to ‘adore’ as players engage in friendly competition and challenge each other to learn how to play.

Over half of people in polled in recently published studies¹ said music is an important part of their lives and yet only 7% know how to play an instrument. The barriers to this have traditionally included excuses like ‘practice is boring’, ‘old antiquated songs are tedious to learn’, ‘lessons are just too expensive' and 'who’s got time?’  Pay-offs are hard to see when you’re stuck on scales, making progress slow and often frustrating. Many music-lovers take lessons when they are younger, but give it up only to regret it later in life.

Enter Playground Sessions with its Play-To-Learn™ methodology.

Now passive music listeners can become active musical participants and do so at their convenience. Unlike music-based video games, which are just games, Playground Sessions combines gaming and learning into one compelling and innovative product. Play with back-up band and full musical accompaniment, track your progress and see how you measure up against friends on the leader board. Playground Sessions is available to you day or night, whenever you want to play and learn.

Internet sensation David Sides, a musician with more than 159 million YouTube views, has been enlisted by Playground Sessions to instruct players in learning piano. A self-taught musician, who learned to play by ear at age 10 and has amassed millions of fans on YouTube for his translations of popular songs to piano, was the perfect choice to be the face of Playground Sessions. Inspiring and supportive, Sides guides you through the medium he has mastered and loves.

“Playground Sessions will revolutionize the way we learn music. Its unique methodology enables students to auto-correct themselves as they play — because they know the song. They’re encouraged with every key!" said Sides. "The return on investment, usually so far away with traditional lessons, is immediate and gratifying. You can learn to play a song in a day, and after a month, you’ve got a full repertoire.  Three months in and you’ll be playing ‘Hey Soul Sister’ at your cousin’s wedding!”

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