Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Hair Trends

Cheryl Basilisco of ESBI International Salon Forecasts for Spring 2012 Elegant, Curly and Wavy Hairstyles Inspired by Vintage, 70s & 80s Fashion
Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian & Taylor Swift Embrace Sexy Spring Looks 

The Original Charlie's Angels: Jaclyn Smith, Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson

Just as late 70s and early 80s TV shows such as Dallas and Charlie's Angels which helped define fashion then have recently re-emerged with updated stories and casts, the iconic 70s and 80s hairstyles seen on these and other shows are also being revived to form the basis for new trends, which are being embraced by celebrities in music, film and reality TV.

"The center part was huge in the late 70s and early 80s along with wet hair looks, natural curls, big waves, and long feathered hair," states Cheryl Basilisco, master stylist for Cleveland-based ESBI International Salon and Educator for H2PRO, a professional Chicago-based hair tool company since 2003 producing performance-driven styling tools and blow dryers for a healthy lifestyle. "The difference between then and now is in the softer more tousled, textured finish, as well as the use of high tech blow dryers and styling irons such as H2PRO's Black Onyx and 2500 Ultra Light Nano Hi Tech Dryer, which help achieve lots of volume, tight and loose curls in a lot less time than it took a couple of decades ago, and without damaging hair."

"What I see for Spring 2012 is feathered back, curled back and textured hair, which can be either long or short," states Basilisco. "For short hair, it can be a boyish look such as Rihanna's current style-a classic bob with more texture. In terms of colors, spring will focus on multi-toned hair, with chocolate brown, blonde and soft copper highlights. The key is natural, soft, feminine hairstyles characterized by elegance and simplicity, worn by fashionistas, working women and even brides."
Kim Kardashian

Jennifer Lopez

"The best long hair examples are the recent styles worn on the red carpet by Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, who display a strong center part, and various sized curls. Depending on how you use the styling tools, you can achieve tight or loose, big or small, curls and waves." To achieve Jennifer Lopez's sexy look, advises:  "Wash hair and completely dry using the H2PRO 2500 Ultra Light Dryer with the diffuser, turning the head upside down so that you can create volume at the base without creating frizz. Avoid moving the dryer around a lot," she says. "Next, use H2PRO'S 1.25 inch Black Onyx styling tool and roll each section of hair upwards as if using hot rollers to create soft curls. The larger the section of hair, the larger the curls. Avoid wrapping hair too tightly around the iron, as you want a looser curl."

To achieve Kim Kardashian's voluminous long hair look, Basilisco says: "Blow the hair dry completely and create volume by turning the head upside down and drying hair with the H2PRO 2500 Dryer using the diffuser. Then create curls in the hair by using a wider iron, such as the H2PRO Black Onyx1.25-inch or H2PRO Vivace Damp-to-Dry 1.75-inch, and wrap the curls tightly around the iron. When brushed out, these curls will loosen and result in larger curls than normal that will blend together. Curl the whole head and then run your fingers through the hair and break the hair up to create very soft, natural waves. Too much tension on the iron will make the hair too curly.
Taylor Swift

"A more vintage-inspired, curly hair look is that sported by Taylor Swift for her ad campaign and recent appearances," says Basilisco. "This ultra feminine, 1920s-inspired style is updated by the greater texture, messier and uneven curls, and softer finish of the hair, in comparison to the more sculpted and perfectly curled hairstyles of the 20s." To achieve Taylor Swift's style, Basilisco says: "Dry the hair and create volume at the base by turning the head upside down while drying. Next, create pincurls by taking a triangular section of the hair-such as 2" x 1" sections-and roll hair into pincurls and secure them at base with bobbi pins.

Taylor Swift

Complete the whole head and then take the H2PRO Black Onyx1.0-inch flat iron (if the hair is longer, use a H2PRO Black Onyx 1.25-inch or H2PRO Vivace Damp-to-Dry  1.75-inch styling tool) and clamp down with the tool on each pincurl a few times. Next, let the hair cool and take out the bobbi pins and run fingers through the hair to loosen the curls. To create tighter curls, take 1" x 1" sections and clamp the styling tool using a firm grip to create a tighter curl then brush hair out and put into place. This results in an elegant hairstyle that can be worn day and night, and even out to chic events, including weddings."

For more information about Cheryl Basilisco, these spring hair trends, or H2PRO professional hair tools, which just made an impressive debut backstage at the 63rd Primetime Emmy® Awards, where they were used to style talent, performers, and dancers, please visit the website at www.h2probeautylife.com or call 800-896-7728.