Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Stevie Wonder Honored. Posted by Picasa

Wonder Honored

The Recording Academy and EIF hosted the Second Annual Grammy Jam honoring Stevie Wonder. The event was sponsored by the Entertainment Industry Foundation and The Recording Academy. The show was presented by Mercedes-Benz USA and benefitted EIF's National Arts and Music Education Initiative.

Many guests had the recent death of Richard Pryor on their minds.

Gina Gershon was Herbie Hancock's date. He asked her to come along because she performed the Jew's Harp on one of his songs from his new Grammy-nominated album. Gershon, who has performed with her own band, said "when Herbie Hancock calls and ask you to play on his record you don't say no!"

Jamie Foxx wanted to rally the audience, with his un-rehearsed performance. He shouted..."you all sound like Republicans right now. You sound like you have gates and maids. You need to sound like you're urban, even if you never been to the ghetto."

Prince, a contributor to Wonder’s new album, arrived late with an entourage of six, and came into the show to see Jamie Foxx perform Wonder's song, "I Wish.” Prince and Stevie Wonder shared a moment in the event’s “green room.”

Wonder, scheduled to perform four songs, decided to do an impromptu performance with his daughter, Aisha Morris, the inspiration for Wonder’s hit song, "Isn't She Lovely?" when Morris was a toddler. The father-daughter duo performed their Grammy nominated song, "How Will I Know?"