Thursday, December 06, 2007

Botanical Skin Brightener

Enlight-10 is an effective alternative to chemical skin lighteners that also provides additional antioxidant benefits and firming properties. This chemical free brightening serum helps fade age spots, hyper pigmentation and melasma with regular use. Unique botanicals extracts of Licorice root, GABA, Kojic acid, and Gallic acid have been shown to be up to 10 times more effective than chemical hydroquinone as inhibitors of tyrosinase and peroxidase – primary causes of hyper pigmentation in skin – without that chemical’s well documented toxicity. The addition of l-lactic acid speeds the brightening effects without irritation, and d-boldine (a tree resin) provides an effective firming agent. The combination of botanical extracts and amino acids a very versatile and highly effective product. In this formula make Enlight-10 Excellent results are achieved with twice daily application. Sun block must be worn daily with any skin lightening program. This effective serum is also recommended for acne skin, to help fade skin discolorations and refine the skin surface. Sun block must be worn daily during a skin brightening program.