Saturday, September 13, 2008

BeansTalk Celebrity Sighting

Zooey Claire Deschanel

So, our friend Joelle has become a vegan and we suggested we try the new-ish M Cafe in our hometown of Culver City. It's a Chaya restaurant and would suit her, especially since she's about to Master Cleanse.

At any rate, as we ate our soba noodles and Joelle had her chopped salad, we noticed that the couple at the table next to us were very (very) romantic. Like "get-a-room" romantic.

When she turned her head slightly, we realized that it was Zooey Deschanel, who we think is terrific and adorable. She's certainly similar in appearance to Katy Perry, but we think on even a cursory inspection, Deschanel is prettier, more luminscent.

We have no idea who she was engaged in the serious PDA with, but he was older, scruffy, plaid- shirt clad, significant beard stubble and hair that can only be described as a light-brown pageboy.

Deschanel was tall and thin, but not icky skinny, just slender and gorgous. She had quite a bit of makeup on which makes us wonder if she was coming from a photo shoot. We've read varying reports on Deschanel -- that she's alternatingly snobby or shy. We can't attest to any of that because we only saw her, didn't hear her speak (are you reading this, Mr. Loud -- Hasselhoff), and she was wholly entrenched in her romance.