Friday, September 05, 2008

Healthy Cool Weather Hair

Crucial to a fashionable transformation from summer to fall and winter is the style and health of your hair. Stylist Adrian De Berardinis of De Berardinis Salon shares his hair care secrets for leaving warm weather behind in place of a cooler look!

Secret #1: Bangs Be Gone

Ready to hop off the bangs-wagon? No need to evoke memories of past pre-teen awkwardness. For a pain-free process, have your stylist lightly trim bangs during your regular haircut appointment and raise face-framing layers. "This creates a more blended appearance," explains Adrian. (BeansTalk note: Bangs are a pain in the neck when you're wearing winter-necessary hats and hoods)

Secret #2: Moisture's A Must

When the air is dry, your hair requires additional moisture to exude that healthy shine. Rather than increasing the amount of conditioner used, Adrian recommends investing in a product with a thicker cream base to maximize moisture retention. Product favorites include _

Secret #3: Banish Static

During colder months, fine hair attracts static and becomes limp. To avoid this common predicament, "use a brush made of nylon and natural bristles or a brush with natural olive wood bristles which helps minimize static," says Adrian. Then, smooth hair by "applying a small amount of Static Guard to your hair or hat. Also, rub a Bounce sheet inside your hat to keep static at bay."

Secret #4: Hair Complexion
Highlights and beach-bronzed tans are so last season! Make a bold statement with a warmer, richer hair color to complement a fairer complexion. "A darker color will add depth to the face as summer tans begin to fade," says Adrian. "It gives hair a break from harsher highlighting formulas that can take more of a toll on hair health during the drying cooler months."

De Berardinis Salon is located at 155 West 21st Street between 6th and 7th Avenues. Hair cuts range from $100 to $200. Single process color begins at $95. Highlights begin at $170 and blowouts at $50. The retail area exclusively offers Kerastase and Shu Uemura treatment and styling products. De Berardinis Olive Circle Brush: $45.00 US

Image: Christina Ricci and Jamie Pressley with and without bangs -- the without being the preferable winter style.