Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Emmys Heat Up

By Topacio Althaus

Hosted by celebrity hair stylist, Patrick Melville (seen in image) and co sponsored by FHI Heat hair tools, the Emmy Beauty Villa at Sunset was a-buzz with top of the line products in preparation for the Emmys. Among the many items seen were hair products by Belegenza, make-up by Napoleon Perdis, and even (needle phobes need not finish this sentence) acupuncture sessions for Emmy preparers.

BeansTalk got a first hand look at what it takes to get red carpet ready with the makeup line, Napoleon Perdis. With their flawless makeup coverage and anti shine foundation, Perdis was a needed upgrade for this BeansTalk reporter's regular Cover Girl make-up coverage. For you ladies who would like to keep your face shine free all day, the Camera Finish Powder Foundation is the perfect treatment. The 3-in-1 foundation that conceals, covers and sets, left this BeansTalk reporter with a radiant and even skin tone (without shine) that would leave us confident enough amidst thousands of flashing paparazzi cameras.

Perdis rep also introduced BeansTalk to their most popular product, Auto Pilot Eye Spy Cream & Primer. This ultimate eye primer proved to us that, “Not to prime is a crime”, with its chamomile extract and Vitamin E infused treatment the primer provide s a makeup base for delicate and age sensitive skin. This is a definite hot item for Emmy season, and also a Big BeansTalk Bargain at a market price of $15 dollars.

BeansTalk also got a one on one interview with Rick Wellman, the color director for the Patrick Melville Salon. Wellman, who has worked on celebs like Petra Nemcova, tells us about his earth-friendly techniques and the products he uses for his star customers. For dying processes, Wellman uses 100 % biodegradable cotton strips instead of aluminum foil and the eco friendly hair care products BeansTalk was wowed by, Belegenza.

Recently making the Eco-Friendly Hair Care Top 10 list for their food-grade organic ingredients, Belegenza did wonders for BeansTalk reporter's unbrushed, damaged, and over sprayed hair. BeansTalk walked away with their Illustrious Shampoo & Cleanser, Dramatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner and Romance Deep Conditioning Treatment all of which left our hair feeling healthy, fresh and de-virginized.

We were especially impressed with Belegenza’s Romance Deep Conditioning Treatment, which acted as a lip-gloss for our hair by moisturizing and enhancing color. Our hair is officially obsessed!! Also, their products are all silicone free and mineral oil free with food based ingredients natural enough to eat (not recommended). Not only do they omit chemical culprits, but Belegenzia reduces the cost of shipping and fuel usage by not adding water weight to their products.

If you are unsure about the downright brilliance of their products, visit www.belegenza.com for a Shampoo and Conditioner sample for only $4.50. (caution: after using Belegenza, the consumer might be unwilling to use other hair products!)

FHI Heat is also jumping onto the green wagon with their environmentally friendly hairdryers. A FHI heat rep gave BeansTalk the 411 on their FHI Heat hairdryer saying,, “The dryers uses 1800 Watts of energy but gives off 2100 Watts”. We say, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for greenkind.”

Used by Patrick Melville in his New York based hair salon, BeansTalk witnessed first hand how FHI Heat is upping the ante with their state of the art products. FHI Heats impressive Technique G2 flat irons, was the perfect remedy for an undisclosed participants bland hairstyle. After a thorough wa sh, and a full hair blown treatment with one of FHI’s Nano Hair Dryers , Beanstalk was “blown” away with the sheer advancement of the product. Not only did it transform the participants’ hair from sopping wet to workably damp in minutes, but the final product left the hair looking smooth and shiny. Add on the styling effects of their flat irons and you have got yourself the perfect combination for desirable hair.

BeansTalk reporter Topacio Althaus was our 2008 Emmy reporter and will continue as a contributor.