Friday, October 31, 2008

BeansTalk’s Item of the Week:
Luxe Link

We love this so much, we could make this our item of the month. We don’t understand why so many women invest the big bucks in gorgeous, pricy handbags and then put them on the floor at the movie theater, restaurant, etc. We had some low-rent version of this when we were little (and still going to church with our parents), and could hang it on the back of a pew. But it was so not pretty. Luxe Purse Link is the ideal solution for anyone who cares about their pocketbook. We have a cousin so smitten with her Chanel bag that she announces she needs someone to hold her “Chanel” whenever she has to turn away or step away from a group (Rhea May Weigel, are you reading this?)

Luxe Purse Link keeps your purse off the ground, off of the chair corner behind you (where anyone can simply walk off with it), and off of your lap, hindering your full enjoyment of whatever festivity or event you’re attending. Luxe Purse Link is also environmentally friendly and made only with recycled zinc alloy.

Luxe Link fans include Lindsay Lohan, Nikki Hilton, Paris Hilton, Kimberly Stewart, Jessica Alba, Tori Spelling and Queen Latifah.

Seen above: Skull Crystal Skull Crystal Light up the night and let your purse sparkle with our exclusive Swarovski crystal design. Hand crafted with genuine crystals, these will be the talk of town. $79, allow two weeks for this little beauty to be created just for you. Luxe Links range in price from $35 to $79.

Luxe Link was created by Kalika Yap (that's her, above) and her “former NYU roommate, Rosella Bignami, based on her serendipitous discovery of purse links while traveling in Italy. The portable devices attach easily to table and countertops, allowing a woman's purse to hang, rather than sit on a potentially dirty floor, dangle from a chair back where it might fall, or rest uncomfortably on her lap or behind her back.

As a tidy, fastidious sort of person, she said: "When I saw them I freaked out. I thought, 'So I don't have to put my purse on the floor?' I was really excited."

The problem with many other hooks on the market is that they're not very attractive. Because those most likely to care about their handbags are also likely to carry designer purses, Yap figured she'd found a niche for her more upscale Luxe Link, of which 100 styles are available, 15 to 20 of them bearing Swarovski crystals. They cost $35 to $59.

Rather than a bulky hook, the Luxe Link features a sleek chain link that wraps around a polished disc that slips easily into any purse -- in its own little pouch, of course -- or attaches, like a charm, to any handbag.” (from the Honolulu Star Bulletin)